HFMA Peer Review

The Peer Review Program is a way for HFMA members to identify what healthcare business solutions their peers are using to deliver organizational savings and performance improvements.

Completing the HFMA Peer Review process means that your product or service has demonstrated that it provides a return on investment; can improve productivity or process effectiveness; meets its promoted benefits; and is accurate, effective, and easy to use.

THE SHORT LIST products, services, and ROI calculators have earned the designation “Peer Reviewed by HFMA”,  meaning that they’ve been evaluated by users like you for quality, technical support, customer service, and value. 

If you are interested in getting your products, services, or ROI calculators evaluated through HFMA’s Peer Review process, learn more about HFMA’s marketing opportunities.

Find your solution on The Short List:

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AP/Corporate Payment Solutions
AP Card
Banking/Financial Services
Financing Solutions offered by First American Healthcare Finance

Benchmarking/Performance Management
Billing Compliance/Fraud & Abuse
Revenue Integrity Solutions

ChargeAssist® by Holliday & Associates – including: CDMAuditor™, Price Analyzer™, Change Monitor™ and Ultimate Research Center™

FinThrive Cost Reports Manager (Known as Stingray)
CDMauditor.com™: Compliance and Pricing Suite includes a full suite of Chargemaster management and pricing modules includes Hospital Zero-Base Pricing, Comparative Health Data, compliance, pricing and synergistic modules to support CMS Price Transparency and Good Faith Estimates

Medical Coding Services Image
Collection & A/R Debt Recovery
Healthcare Bad Debt Recovery by PFC Rev

Professional Credit Healthcare Collection Service

Healthcare Collection Services
Decision Support
Harris Affinity Decision Support Image
StrataJazz® Financial Analytics and Performance Platform

Axiom Healthcare Suite
Denial Management/Third Party Recovery
PMMC Contract PRO

Early Out/Self Pay
Self-Pay Early Out Services by PFC First

Enterprise Resource Management & ERP
ERP Image
Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Software Image
Operations/Clinical Performance Management
OperationsAdvisor® Image
Patient Access/Eligibility
FinThrive Insurance Discover (Known as Insurance Discovery)
FinThrive Patient Access (Known as iPAS)

Patient Accounting/Revenue Cycle Systems
TruBridge RCM Product Suite Image
Patient Financial Experience
PMMC Estimator PRO

Patient Financing
CareCredit Credit Card by Synchrony Financial Image
Health Services Financing (HSF®) Image
Easy Work Papers Image
Revenue Cycle Outsourcing
Revenue Cycle Solutions including Eligibility & Enrollment, Self-Pay, Complex Claims & A/R Services

Technology-enabled Revenue Cycle Management Services
Revenue Cycle Services Image
Complete Business Office Solution Image
Revenue Cycle Intelligent Automation Platform – including Eligibility, Estimation, Authorization, Revenue Capture, Patient Pay Optimization, and Claims/Clearinghouse + Medicare solutions

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