HFMA Peer Review FAQs

The Peer Review Program is a way for HFMA members to identify what healthcare business solutions their peers are using to deliver organizational savings and performance improvements.

Peer Review is not an endorsement by HFMA. The Peer Review process performed by HFMA is simply a means of identifying healthcare business solutions for members’ considerations. HFMA does not compare or rank them against one another and there are no exclusive relationships in a given category.
To obtain Peer Reviewed status, all healthcare business solutions must meet certain criteria. Some of the areas evaluated include:
– Does the business solution add value to the Association, HFMA members and their organizations?
– Is the business solution accurate, effective and easy-to-use?
– Is there superior customer service and technical support provided?
– Is the business solution based on practical industry knowledge and proven experience?
– Does the firm have a solid reputation?
– Is the firm compatible with HFMA’s brand and values statements?
The process is dependent on market feedback, so it can vary depending on how fast the market participants respond to the survey questions and demonstrations.
All categories of business solutions that are used in the healthcare finance workplace are currently under consideration.
There are no application fees to go through a Peer Review study. Once a firm successfully passes all the stages of the process a license agreement is entered into that legally allows for the company to use and promote their status with the Peer Review marks and logos. The license agreement does have a financial fee, which is paid to HFMA, allowing HFMA to support this program.

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