HFM Magazine: April 2019

Healthcare Finance Leaders Should Belong to the Heartbeat of Progress

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer shares highlights of HFMA’s new initiative to reinvent the membership experience.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA June 24, 2019

For Healthcare Finance Leaders, Imagining Tomorrow Involves Risk

If healthcare finance leaders want to reduce costs, provide better health outcomes, and improve patient satisfaction, they must seize opportunities and manage risks.

Kevin Brennan, FHFMA, CPA June 6, 2019

Cracking the Code on Physician Practice Performance

In this article, Premier discusses how it works with medical groups and health systems to better leverage business intelligence to identify and seize performance improvement opportunities.

HFMA June 5, 2019

Peer Review Spotlight: SEI

In this article, SEI discusses how its OCIO services help healthcare organizations navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare.

HFMA June 5, 2019

Mastering Risk: How Healthcare Organizations Can Tap into the Power of Enterprise Risk

Healthcare organizations should adopt enterprise risk management, a coordinated approach to managing risk that looks at how each area of risk affects the organization’s operational and strategic plans.

Marti Arvin, JD June 1, 2019

ROI Value Model By ClearBalance

In this article, ClearBalance discusses how its technology helps healthcare organizations quantify the cost-to-collect for patient payments and evaluate potential vendors.

HFMA May 30, 2019

3 key enablers to implementing a successful clinical revenue cycle operating model

Hospitals and health systems should develop an operating model to address a new revenue cycle concept, called the clinical revenue cycle.

Sonia Choi May 29, 2019

States look to Medicare-based reference pricing as the solution to price variation for employee hospital services

To reduce prices paid for hospital services delivered to their employees, Montana and North Carolina are pursuing reference pricing based on Medicare rates.

Chad Mulvany, FHFMA May 29, 2019

How a Hospital or Health System Can Assess the Risk of Moving to Value-Based Payment

To gain a clearer understanding of the financial impact of transitioning to a value-based model, healthcare executives can learn from the experiences of another health system that has undertaken a similar migration.

Ross Armstrong May 29, 2019

Utilization Review: 5 Reasons Hospitals Lose Revenue

Hospitals can gain significant revenue by implementing an effective utilization review program.

Lisa Bragg May 29, 2019
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