HFM Magazine: February 2022

PMMC’s Estimator PRO increases pricing transparency and upfront collections

Looking to invest in software? One company uses a patient estimation system, which has resulted in enhanced productivity for more than 500 hospitals with an average 10 to 1 ROI.

Deborah Filipek August 31, 2022

Eric Jordahl: Preparing health system balance sheets for the journey to normalization

The Federal Reserve's recent signal that it will transition to a tighter monetary policy is an indication that the organization and the economy have entered a new, more stable stage.

Eric Jordahl February 15, 2022

Paul Keckley: The healthcare regulatory climate for 2022 — What to expect

Hospitals, physicians and long-term care and ancillary service providers can anticipate significant changes in the regulatory climate in 2022. Although such changes are predictable, context is key: Regulatory policymaking in healthcare in the current environment is limited by disfunctional gridlock in Congress, the fact that 2022 is a mid-term election year and a high level of public anxiety about the economy and healthcare.

Paul H. Keckley, PhD February 7, 2022

News Briefs: Supreme Court ruling allows the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers to proceed

A roundup of top news stories for healthcare finance professionals.

Nick Hut February 1, 2022

Joe Fifer: Reflections on the pandemic, year 3, and its impact on healthcare’s frontline workers

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer shares a perspective on ways to acknowledge healthcare’s frontline workers as the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic begins.

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA February 1, 2022

Tammie Jackson: In healthcare finance, bold pursuits require persistence and curiosity

HFMA's 2021-22 Chair says addressing health system challenges such as racial and ethnic disparities in quality of care and limited access to care among some populations due to social determinants of health requires boldness and persistence.

Tammie L. Jackson, FHFMA, MHA, CHFP February 1, 2022

Bold pursuits require persistence and curiosity

I hope this message finds you and your family safe, healthy and having had the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season. Safe and healthy is no small hurdle to surpass as of late. Over the past few months, we have encountered tornadoes, fires, storms and a new COVID variant that is making its way through…

Tammie L. Jackson, FHFMA, MHA, CHFP February 1, 2022

Success Awards presented at 2021 Annual Conference

Ten HFMA chapters and three regions have been named as the first-ever winners of HFMA’s Success Award. The new award was established by HFMA’s Regional Executive Council to recognize positive outcomes resulting from the Chapter Success Plan. The plan is designed to help chapters focus on improving and sustaining excellence in four key areas: individual…

Crystal Milazzo February 1, 2022

Former HFMA National Board member Goldstein joins Kaufman Hall

Lisa Goldstein, MPA, a leading expert in not-for-profit healthcare, has joined Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC, as a senior vice president. Goldstein previously was an associate managing director for Moody’s Investors Service, where she managed the agency’s U.S. not-for-profit healthcare ratings team and oversaw the accuracy, consistency and monitoring of its not-for-profit hospital ratings. Goldstein…

Crystal Milazzo February 1, 2022

‘A just cause’: HFMA’s CEoH initiative addresses the factors that impede quality of health and raise healthcare costs

HFMA is moving forward with a global effort focused on the concept of cost effectiveness of health (CEoH), with the goal for promoting development of a system for care that is needed, accessible and affordable. A key message of this effort is that a broader focus on improving cost effectiveness of health — not just of healthcare — should be a strategic priority for healthcare leaders.

Jeni Williams January 31, 2022
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