HFM Magazine: May 2018

Creating APMs for Specialty Care: A Provider-Led Initiative for Delivering Value

The experiences of a large urology group practice can provide finance leaders with insight into key considerations involved with developing an advanced alternative payment model (APM) for a healthcare specialty area.

Charles Saunders, MD April 25, 2018

Why Age Is Not Enough: A Better Approach to Equipment Replacement

By considering maintenance and other costs, hospitals and health systems can work more efficiently to replace equipment.

Lynette Jasuta April 25, 2018

MA Ruling May Signal Industry Readiness to Integrate SDH into Traditional Medical Care

In addressing social determinants of health and social services, a recent Medicare Advantage ruling by CMS may have taken the first steps toward providing more integrated and comprehensive care to the nation’s aging population.

Gail R Wilensky, PhD April 25, 2018

Revenue Cycle Software: A Practical Guide for Purchase

The purchase of new revenue cycle technology should include stakeholders from across the organization to ensure the needs of each group are met.

Clive Chibaya April 25, 2018

The Rise, Fall, and Possible Return of Variable-Rate Demand Bonds

Variable rate demand bonds, created in an inflationary environment, have waned in popularity but remain a viable credit source for hospitals and health systems.

Peter W. Bruton April 25, 2018

Healthcare Capital Markets Outlook: Short-Term Opportunities Versus Long-Term Uncertainty

Although today’s healthcare capital markets support continuation of their investment strategies, hospital and health system’s current should be prepared for changes that may require a shift in focus.

Kelly Arduino April 25, 2018

Value: The Way Forward

Value-based payment won’t bend the cost curve unless healthcare organizations commit to fundamental change. Not everyone will come out whole. 

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA April 25, 2018

The Current Outlook for Value-Based Care Under the Trump Administration

Value initiatives introduced by the Affordable Care Act have met with varied success. Under the Trump administration, the future of these initiatives is uncertain.

Ken Perez April 25, 2018

Health System Integration: Prescription for Success

Health systems that are pursuing a merger or acquisition require a structured planning process to achieve full integration across the merged organizations’ clinical, administrative, and operational areas.

Brandon Klar, MHSA April 25, 2018

HFMA Executive Roundtable: Interoperability: Driving or Impeding Value-Based Care?

Poor data interoperability is limiting healthcare organizations’ progress with value-based models. In this roundtable, several healthcare financial and IT leaders discuss the challenges of poor interoperability and how organizations can overcome them.

HFMA April 24, 2018
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