HFM Magazine: November 2019

2 USDA loan programs offer advantages for rural healthcare organizations

Capital Finance: Two rapidly increasing USDA rural loan programs offer many rural hospitals low-interest capital finance options that have fewer requirements than commercial debt.

Kelly Arduino October 31, 2019

HFMA: CMS transparency effort misses the mark

Podcast: HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer discusses HFMA’s perspectives regarding a CMS proposed rule that has generated controversy in that it would require the public release of rates hospitals negotiated with health plans.

HFMA October 31, 2019

Where is your health system on the journey to systemness?

Healthcare Innovation: Healthcare organizations should keep track of progress toward operating as a unified system after mergers and acquisitions.

Brandon Klar, MHSA October 31, 2019

3 ways cost models are a key to success under risk

Business Intelligence: New primary care models can help healthcare organizations achieve financial goals.

Theresa Hush October 31, 2019

Innovative startup works to solve billing problems for patients and providers

HFMA members voted Papaya, a mobile app for patient payment, the most innovative startup at HFMA’s June Annual Conference.

Erika Grotto October 31, 2019

Broad trends are driving the imperative for hospitals to revisit cardiac care

A number of factors have contributed to declining revenue growth for hospitals' cardiac catheterization labs in recent years.

Amit Amin, MD, MSc October 31, 2019

Lone Star Chapters’ Jorge Fernandez joins Triage Consulting

President-Elect of the HFMA Lone Star Chapter Jorge Fernandez provides information on his new job, the benefits of HFMA membership and five fun facts about his life. Also, three other HFMA members share their job news and one member earns an MBA.

HFMA October 31, 2019

Tri-State 2019 focuses on industry trends

Four Chapters united for their 6th biennial and largest attended event in mid-September to learn and connect on payment trends. Plus, a farewell to HFMA Chapter Relations Specialist Pat Kosar.

HFMA October 31, 2019

Evolution of the consumer focus in healthcare

The potential benefits of consumer-driven health plans were espoused in the 1990s, and the concept began to be more fully embraced in the past decade.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 31, 2019

7 top macro trends impacting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers today

The healthcare industry's shift to a consumerism focus is occurring in parallel with seven significant emerging trends that are affecting providers, insurers and healthcare consumers alike.

Robert A. Dickinson, MBA October 31, 2019
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