HFM Magazine: Winter 2022

Reimbursement changes for 340B drugs reverberate in Medicare’s 2023 outpatient payment final rule

The Medicare payment rate for hospital outpatient services will increase significantly in 2023, but the net gain for the sector will be less than is apparent at first glance. Payment rates for hospital outpatient care and ambulatory surgical centers technically will increase by 3.8% over 2022 for facilities that meet quality-reporting requirements, CMS said in…

Nick Hut December 7, 2022

Bringing ESG principles to healthcare 

Hospitals and health systems that don’t prioritize environmental sustainability arguably fail to do right by their communities, but more and more also may face a problem of greater short-term urgency. Namely, their access to capital could be constrained as the investor community looks to apply ESG principles to assessments of risks and opportunities. “I just…

Nick Hut December 7, 2022

Hospitals work to make the supply chain green

Even with all the challenges facing hospitals and health systems these days, the push to make operations more environmentally sustainable is becoming viewed less as a differentiator and more as an essential strategy. And for those organizations that have mastered energy conservation methods and made progress in greening their facilities and physical infrastructure, the supply…

Nick Hut December 6, 2022

How healthcare organizations can defend against financial hazards in 2023

What are the most critical strategies to steer healthcare organizations in the direction of financial stability in the following year and beyond? A couple tips include reducing bad debt and accessing external benchmarks for supply pricing.

HFMA December 6, 2022

Paul Keckley: 3 trends to watch for in the 2023 healthcare regulatory agenda

The year 2023 will be a consequential one for healthcare finance professionals. With the near certainty that the COVID-19 public health emergency will come to an official end, three convergent trends will have a heightened impact on the solvency and liquidity of provider organizations. 1. Implementation of federal policies to lower inflation The Federal Reserve’s…

Paul H. Keckley, PhD December 6, 2022

7 tips for successful M&A integrations

When companies go through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), how do leaders manage integrating teams and culture? Read through some tips from a health care transaction principle who assists health systems across the M&A life cycle.

HFMA December 6, 2022

My final holiday message to the HFMA community 

Five years ago, in my holiday message to HFMA members, I wrote that during this busy time of year, we should make time for reflection, soul searching and connecting with something that transcends personal concerns, no matter which winter holiday we celebrate or what our faith traditions may be. That’s the core of my holiday…

Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA December 6, 2022

Healthcare CFOs can benefit from also being strong financial analysts  

Starting out in healthcare as a financial analyst is a somewhat unusual place to embark on the career path to becoming CFO of large academic medical center (AMC). But that’s the path that Wendy Fielding, MBA, a 30-year member of HFMA, took on her journey to becoming CFO and system vice president of finance at…

Steven Berger, FHFMA December 5, 2022

Cloudmed, an R1 company, helps health systems get paid for the care they provide

Using one company’s AI platform, health systems will find uncovered funds that can be used to hire essential practitioners, build new facilities and fund outreach programs.

HFMA December 5, 2022

Gail Wilensky: Cybersecurity in healthcare has emerged as a national priority

The threat of cyberattacks on healthcare facilities has taken on a new immediacy with the increased use of electronic communication during the pandemic. The issue of cybersecurity has rapidly risen to become a predominant concern for healthcare organizations, with profound implications for the nation as a whole.a The issue is particularly concerning where cyberattacks can…

Gail R Wilensky, PhD December 5, 2022
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