Custom Publishing Sponsorship

HFMA Custom Publishing offers sponsored content that positions you as a thought leader on key industry topics. Create and build your brand loyalty when you publish in hfm magazine and a range of print and online offerings. Let us help you target your consumers when our expert editorial team partners with you and your team to develop compelling, cutting-edge reports.

Sponsorship options

Business Profiles
Highlight your business’s capabilities and solutions with a Q&A-formatted two-page print spread in HFMA’s flagship magazine, hfm, and digital publication on 
Example: Make your cloud transformation endure: 5 steps for a lasting enterprise cloud strategy

Shine a spotlight on your organization’s innovations and get the attention of the industry’s largest healthcare CFO population with this exclusive multi-channel packaged option that includes print and online exposure. Includes a 2-page article and a webinar.
Example: Transforming healthcare through better resource management

Roundtables: Virtual or In-person
Bring together subject matter experts for a dynamic conversation about a topic of your choice. Expose new ideas, network, and hear challenges. HFMA recruits participants provides a moderator and writes an article to be published following the roundtable. The sponsor provides the topic, target audience, and one participant.  
Example: Women in leadership: How 6 senior leaders are breaking down barriers

Action Brief
Offer actionable tips that help solve a pressing issue or improve performance. The print and online Action Brief allows you to share best practices by providing actionable insight into business issues or market challenges.
Example: Understanding the Current State of MACRA

White Paper 
HFMA will collaborate with the sponsor and sponsor’s customer/s to write a whitepaper to demonstrate thought leadership. Expand upon proven strategies for success and position your company as a market leader. 
Example: HFMA’s Payment Reform Project White Papers

Reach and educate healthcare finance executives and professionals with HFMA Custom Publishing. Request more information by completing the form above.

For more information on sponsorship, submit the below form or email [email protected] if you need immediate assistance.


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