Financial Sustainability

How to manage risk-based payment in the era of the global pandemic

To succeed with risk-based contracts through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, healthcare organizations require analytic capabilities for modeling the revenue impact of the crisis through all its phases.

Thomas Persichetti, FCA, ASA, MAAA August 4, 2020

Sepsis poses a cost-containment challenge in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic

Sepsis is among the largest cost drivers for U.S. hospitals, and it contributes to higher costs of care for patients with COVID-19. Hospital finance leaders therefore should understand and focus on managing the cost impact of sepsis treatment on their organizations.

David Kulick, MPH July 31, 2020

The journey back from COVID-19: COVID-19: A guide to economic recovery for health system CFOs

As healthcare CFOs prepare fro the aftermath iof the COVID-19 pandemic, they should adopt a new mindset for addressing strategies around human capital, revenue recovery, cost reduction and capital investment.

Deirdre Baggot, PhD, RN July 29, 2020

7 tips for effectively managing a remote healthcare finance team

To effectively manage accounting teams who are increasingly working from home in this new environment created by the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare organizations can take lessons from organizations that have experience in managing a remote workforce.

Martin Moll July 22, 2020

Hospitals need integration and automation for value continuity through the COVID-19 crisis

As hospitals contend with the challenges posed by COVID-19, their future success may depend on the extent to which they are embracing new technologies and systems to bring higher levels of automation to business processes.

Matt Houston July 21, 2020

Does your organization’s ambulatory real estate footprint need right-sizing?

Decisions made with respect to a health system's ambulatory real estate portfolio and footprint can have significant impacts onthe organization's future growth, financial position and capital platform.

Mark Grube July 20, 2020

How Orlando Health improved its bottom line by optimizing observation services

Orlando Health in central Florida offers a case example of how to effectively manage patients in observation status to reduce average length of stay for these patients, thereby, freeing up capacity for care of patients with higher-acuity conditions.

Richard Basaly, MD June 26, 2020

Hospitals require a 3-pronged response to potential covenant violations

Reworking cost structure and enhancing revenue performance are foundational parts of a holistic solution for most healthcare organizations facing balance sheet challenges and covenant violations as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Ryan Freel June 15, 2020

Why now is the time to revisit your strategic facility investment plan

After undertaking dramatic changes in operations to address the COVID-10 pandemic, U.S. hospitals and health systems need to begin planning for the restart of normal operations over the next few months as well as for their long-term futures.

Paul T. Breslin, MBA, PMP June 12, 2020

Elective surgery does not mean optional surgery: How to recover from the impact of canceled procedures

Lessons health systems have learned because of the COVID-19 pandemic will provide the building blocks to the recovery, including the return of “elective” procedures, many of which are vitally important to patients’ well-being.

Ezra Mehlman, MBA June 4, 2020
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