Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to deepen trust in the patient financial experience 

“Healthcare is a journey. It’s not a single episode of care. Especially in cardiology, where the relationships we develop with patients are lifelong, we want to make sure they trust not just their doctor, but the entire organization.”  So believes one of the standout speakers from HFMA’s 2024 Revenue Cycle Conference in San Diego: Larami…

Dennis E. Dahlen, FHFMA, MBA, CPA February 29, 2024

Iowa Chapter celebrates 70th anniversary

Mid-January 2024 was a notable time for members of HFMA’s Iowa Chapter. Things kicked off with a blizzard. Then there was a second blizzard and a presidential caucus. It was a lot for one week, but that wasn’t all. The real highlight took place on Jan. 17 when the Chapter gathered in the Des Moines…

Crystal Milazzo February 29, 2024

While increasing revenue is a top goal for 2024, improving the patient experience is a close second — specially for large health systems: HFMA poll

In a recently conducted survey, 70% of 92 respondents said increasing revenue is a top priority in 2024 followed by improving the patient experience (60%) and reducing costs (55%). Review other key findings in this research report.

HFMA February 29, 2024

How to achieve savings by reengineering nonclinical healthcare spending

With healthcare margins under constant and growing pressure, hospital and health system finance leaders must continue to explore all avenues for cost savings across their organization. Supply chain savings efforts have traditionally been focused on clinical spending and on contracts accessed via group purchasing organization (GPO) relationships. By looking to nonclinical spending on administrative and…

Keith Noll February 29, 2024

Integrated delivery: A 45-year case study of one IDN’s successful evolution

Over the past 50 years, the integrated delivery network (IDN) model has evolved to become widely accepted among health system leaders as an effective means for controlling costs, improving quality through better coordinated care and achieving financial returns.a Yet an important question confronts any healthcare organization that wants to pursue an IDN strategy today: What…

Jeffry A. Peters February 29, 2024

Brenda Chilman: A positive patient experience starts with the revenue cycle

Bookended by her first job at the CPA firm Arthur Andersen and her current job, 30+ years later, just down the road at SSM Health, Brenda Chilman has had a strong and far-flung career in healthcare finance. Her journey — which has taken her from St. Louis to Denver to Baltimore and, full circle, back…

Steven Berger, FHFMA February 23, 2024

Ken Perez: Assessing the U.S. response to the healthcare needs of migrants and asylum seekers

Immigration, for decades one of the most politically charged issues in the United States, is emerging as a top issue during this election year. A poll of 1,074 U.S. adults conducted Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2023, found that immigration ranked as the fourth-highest priority for 2024, with 35% of those surveyed indicating that they want the…

Ken Perez February 23, 2024

David Johnson: Fortune telling healthcare’s dismal future

January 1970 was a long time ago. Richard Nixon celebrated the first anniversary of his presidency. The Vietnam War was raging. The Paris Peace Accords, the Arab oil embargo, stagflation, wage and price controls, devaluation of the dollar, the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Nixon’s historic trip…

David W. Johnson February 23, 2024

Private equity investing showing signs of rebound

The Federal Reserve’s plan to begin reducing interest rates in 2024 will likely unleash private equity’s pent-up demand for physician practices and other healthcare services companies. “Everybody wants to transact,” said Bret Schiller, managing director and head of healthcare in corporate client banking at J.P. Morgan. “I think that, at the first rate cut we…

Lola Butcher February 12, 2024

Leveraging the supply chain for cost reduction

Learn from seven healthcare finance executives about the different strategies used to help reduce their hospital's costs using technology, transparency and automation in this roundtable.

HFMA January 30, 2024
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