Understanding the true cost to collect requires focusing on high-level KPIs

Revenue cycle management leaders from around the country share their perspectives on defining and maintaining a high-performance revenue cycle and the challenges they face in working to enhance revenue cycle management.

HFMA December 12, 2023

News Briefs: Medicare’s hospital outpatient payment rate for 2024 improves marginally from the proposed rule 

The final rule setting Medicare’s 2024 payment rates and policies for hospital outpatient services and ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) contained little to make hospitals optimistic about the government portion of their payer mix.  Base payments for items and services furnished in hospital outpatient settings and ASCs will increase by 3.1% after factoring in the usual…

Nick Hut December 12, 2023

Jill Geisler: Tips on how to be an accessible, approachable leader 

Ask people about the leaders they most admire, and they’re likely to describe someone who’s not only smart and strategic, but also approachable and accessible.  Those respected leaders make that aura of warmth and welcome look easy, but we know the real story. It’s hard work. And it isn’t getting easier. Tackling business, technology, regulatory…

Jill Geisler December 11, 2023

Deploying EPM in the cloud: 6 steps that drive value

Cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) offers tremendous potential for health systems, but the ability to drive value depends on a thoughtful approach that puts as little pressure as possible on existing resources, both technological and human.

HFMA December 11, 2023

Kaleida Health taps Matthew Drake and Hugh Chisholm for  new roles  

Two HFMA fellows have been appointed to new leadership positions at Kaleida Health, the largest healthcare provider in Western New York.   Matthew Drake, FHFMA, MBA, is the health system’s new executive vice president of strategy and partnerships. Drake, a member of HFMA’s Rochester Regional Chapter, previously was Kaleida’s executive vice president and CFO. Prior to…

Crystal Milazzo December 11, 2023

Dennis Dahlen: It’s time to look at what’s working — and what isn’t — in reducing care costs 

There’s a surprising phenomenon taking place in Medicare spending — and it points to the need to look deeper when it comes to healthcare cost containment.  For years, Medicare was viewed as the nation’s “budget buster,” with spending spiraling so quickly that some budget experts predicted no amount of tax money could sustain it. And…

Dennis E. Dahlen, FHFMA, MBA, CPA December 11, 2023

AI-powered coding automation: The state of the art and future direction

This roundtable discussion conducted at HFMA’s 2023 Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee sought to understand both the opportunities and challenges that AI-powered coding automation poses for healthcare organizations.

HFMA December 11, 2023

Puerto Rico Chapter signs collaborative agreement

HFMA’s Puerto Rico Chapter recently joined forces with Puerto Rico’s College of Health Services Administrators to address challenges and opportunities in the field of health services administration. The relationship was made official when the two groups signed a collaborative agreement on Sept. 15 during the Chapter’s Annual Healthcare Update in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. The…

Crystal Milazzo December 11, 2023

RemitConnect® helps healthcare organizations automate manual posting and reconciliation processes

This HFMA Peer Review Spotlight explores the benefits of CommerceHealthcare's RemitConnect solution in complementing a healthcare organization's existing patient accounting or practice management system.

HFMA December 11, 2023

Igniting revenue cycle’s superpower: Patient advocacy

Larami Oliver took over revenue cycle operations for Heart and Vascular Care in Cumming, Georgia, in the heat of the pandemic, and under her leadership, the division was able to persevere. Key to the operation’s success: a shift in focus from post-claim revenue cycle response to pre-service education and support. “We’ve taken a proactive approach…

Jeni Williams December 11, 2023
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