David Johnson: Efforts to revitalize healthcare on Chicago’s South Side underscore a critical national challenge

The United States continues to struggle with daunting inner-city health and healthcare problems borne out of innate social inequities. Effective solutions are few and far between. One initiative on Chicago’s South Side, launched just before the COVID-19 pandemic, encapsulates the potential and perils of system restructuring. In that distant January of 2020, four Chicago safety-net…

David W. Johnson November 22, 2023

Payer scorecards hold promise for promoting an enhanced payer-provider equilibrium

The U.S. healthcare system is fraught with inherent complexities in how providers receive payment for the services they deliver. And those complexities include conflicting methodologies that too often breed contentiousness between payers and providers around how, when and whether services will be reimbursed. Payer scorecards offer an effective solution for mitigating these tendencies. While they…

Eric C. Reese, PhD November 22, 2023

PMMC uses best-in-class solutions to help clients navigate the challenges of healthcare finance

Read some key insights from a company that helps organizations understand how to maximize their net revenue using strategy and consultation.

HFMA October 31, 2023

Leveraging investments to strengthen resilience: Key insights

The approach health systems take to balance sheet and treasury management varies significantly. One company's managing director dives into how organizations can take a balanced-scorecard method to investments using a tier system.

HFMA October 31, 2023

How healthcare organizations are tackling workforce issues in real time

Check out what a group of healthcare finance professionals said regarding workforce management issues including costs, candidate quality, contracting agencies and other issues that can impact a healthcare organization’s profitability in this roundtable discussion.

HFMA October 31, 2023

News Briefs: Medicaid DSH payment cut barely averted in September, still possible in November

Hospitals received a last-day reprieve from substantial cuts to Medicaid disproportionate share hospital (DSH) payments, with House leaders reversing course Sept. 30 and ushering through a six-week government funding package. Language in the bill ensured the start of a four-year Medicaid DSH cut amounting to $32 billion was pushed back from Oct. 1 to Nov.…

Nick Hut October 31, 2023

How CFOs can bring the rigor of finance to the call center

Health system call centers are universally acknowledged as significant cost centers. Too often, however, they are viewed as non-revenue-generating cost centers. In fact, a call center’s performance also affects revenue growth factors such as clinician utilization and patient loyalty. Despite the multiple ways that call centers affect both the bottom and top lines, there is…

Yuriy Kotlyar October 31, 2023

Theresa Mouton:  CFOs need to be able to lead through chaos

As a 34-year healthcare finance veteran, Theresa Mouton, MBA, has seen her share of changes within the industry. Currently the Western Region CFO for Steward Health Care, Mouton oversees 17 hospitals across five states. In a career that has taken her from investor-owned health systems to not-for-profit hospitals and back again to the investor-owned side,…

Steven Berger, FHFMA October 30, 2023

The No Surprises Act: How healthcare organizations can create a winning strategy

Find a breakdown of the No Surprises Act in this business profile with an update on four main administrative requirements of the bill and insight to improve hospitals and healthcare systems using technology for future regulatory changes.

HFMA October 30, 2023

Dennis Dahlen: Are states losing patience with the pace of healthcare value transformation?

The pace of state-based regulation and oversight of healthcare providers is accelerating — and it could be an indication that patience is growing thin with federal, payer and provider efforts to improve healthcare value.  Across the nation, we’re seeing a growing number of states adopt healthcare affordability boards. It’s a trend that started to pick…

Dennis E. Dahlen, FHFMA, MBA, CPA October 30, 2023
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