Behavioral Health

Telepsychiatry: Improving the Provider Distribution Model

Geoffrey Boyce explains how using technology can address both behavioral health workforce shortages and geographical challenges as the need for greater availability of behavioral health services grows. 

Geoffrey Boyce October 23, 2018

June 11-15: HHS Secretary to Detail Drug Plan

June 7—Members of Congress next week will press the federal government’s healthcare leader on the Trump administration’s new initiative to control drug costs.

Rich Daly June 7, 2018

April 2-6 Policy Watch: National Opioid Summit to Highlight Challenges

March 29—Policymakers and healthcare providers will gather in Atlanta next week to identify effective approaches to an opioid crisis that appears to be worsening, according to new data.

Rich Daly March 29, 2018

Ask the Experts: Behavioral Health Service Billing

If the overseeing psychiatrist at a clinic is initiating a treatment plan and signing all documentation done by licensed social workers, are these professional services billable to our Medicare Administrative?

HFMA January 15, 2018

Integrating Behavioral Health Care and Primary Care

Various obstacles historically have prevented the integration of behavioral health care with primary care—but stakeholders see the tide turning, as they discuss in the latest installment of HFMA’s Healthcare Challenge Roundtable.

Kathleen Vega July 19, 2017

Incorporating Value in Behavioral Health

Healthcare stakeholders increasingly are taking steps to improve behavioral health care with an eye toward lowering costs, improving care quality, and improving the health of populations.

Karen Wagner July 19, 2017

Treating the Mind and Body as One

U.S. health plans are pursuing ways to integrate behavioral health care and primary care with the goal of improving care for patients with mental health conditions.

Ceci Connolly January 19, 2017

Ask the Experts: Behavioral Health Revenue Cycle

Please explain the significant differences and challenges inherent in behavioral health revenue cycle.

HFMA August 9, 2016
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