Costing and Managerial Accounting

Level of Costing Detail in Aurora’s System

Aurora Health Care developed detailed categories for its cost accounting initiative by considering the future and estimating how health system leaders would want to use the data in the future.

HFMA April 12, 2018

How Is Your Hospital Managing Costs Across Its Physician Enterprise?

Several factors have challenged achieving a more comprehensive view of costs at the physician enterprise level, including governance, data sharing, and financial performance expectations.

Daniel Seargeant April 10, 2018

Time Is Money: Aurora Health’s 5-Month Cost Accounting Journey

Recognizing the intense multidisciplinary effort required to implement cost accounting, Aurora Health followed a step-by-step approach that emphasized structure, validation, training, maintenance, and optimization. 

Patrick Nolan April 10, 2018

Key Findings of the HFMA-IMA Initiative

A survey conducted as part of a collaboration between HFMA and the Institute of Management Accountants sought healthcare providers’ perspectives on cost accounting tools for managerial decision-making to assess the state of the industry in this area.

Raef Lawson December 5, 2017

Costing Practices in Healthcare Organizations: A Look at Adoption of ABC

Three surveys, conducted over two decades, provide insight into healthcare organizations’ perspectives on activity-based costing (ABC) and larger industry trends regarding adoption of ABC.

Raef Lawson December 5, 2017

Healthcare Executives Dissatisfied with Cost Transformation Progress

A Kaufman Hall survey found that 75 percent of healthcare executive respondents rate their cost transformation success as average to below average.

Daniel Seargeant December 4, 2017

Cost Accounting Talent and Resources: The Missing Link to Support Cost Transformation

Cost accounting teams with the time and expertise to accurately and efficiently produce, interpret, and socialize data throughout hospitals and health systems is an investment with huge potential returns.

Daniel Seargeant, DrPH December 1, 2017

Mystery Markups: Medical Supply and Drug Pricing Policies Vary Across Hospitals

Hospital markup policies that set prices for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals can vary significantly across the country, leading to large variances in drug and supply charges.

Janessa Welch November 27, 2017

Critical Drivers of Payment Differentials

Increases in hospital payment have not kept pace with general inflation. Healthcare leaders can isolate areas that help maintain or improve current performance.

William O. Cleverley, PhD August 10, 2017

Using Data Analytics to Transform Healthcare Management and Reduce Clinical Variation

Hospitals and health systems have entered a new era in which data analytics will play an increasingly vital role in identifying opportunities for improved performance.

Laurie Jaccard May 2, 2017
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