FASB and GASB Rules and Guidelines

Ask the Experts: Reagent Agreements

How do you record reagent agreements for which the vendor locks in the price on various reagents if the hospital commits to a minimum purchase quantity each year?

HFMA October 18, 2018

Video: GASB and FASB Updates

Brian Conner, partner for Moss Adams LLP, takes an in-depth look at GASB, FASB, and other accounting updates in health care.

HFMA January 31, 2018

The New Revenue Recognition Standard: Where Organizations Stand

As implementation time draws near for the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new standards regarding contracts with customers, healthcare organizations should take steps to ensure their processes align with these standards.

Accounting: Brian Conner October 2, 2017

Healthcare M&A Activity? Beware of Accounting Basis Differences

Differences in FASB and GASB accounting and reporting rules can be critical considerations for healthcare organizations in evaluating financial fit when looking to merge or affiliate with an organization that is under a different basis of accounting.

Brian Conner June 20, 2017

Healthcare Revenue Recognition: 5 Steps for Net Revenue Modeling and Reporting Considerations

This article describes five steps FASB has outlined for entities to follow to prepare for implementation and achieve the objectives of the new standard ASU 2014-09 for recognizing revenue. 

Andrew Holloway December 19, 2016

What happened to charity care in financial statements

Reporting charity care is an important means for healthcare organizations to communicate the benefits that they are providing to their communities.

Brian Conner December 19, 2016

Ask the Experts: EHR Software

Is it acceptable practice to retire fully depreciated EHR software or any percentage given that numerous upgrades have occurred?

HFMA July 11, 2016

HFMA’s P&P Board Comments on GASB’s Proposed Statement on Leases

HFMA has a long-standing recommendation to GASB to avoid differences between private-sector and public-sector standards that cannot be justified by fundamental differences between the two sectors.

HFMA June 8, 2016

HFMA Comments on GASB’s Proposed Blending Requirements for Component Units

HFMA’s P&P Board encouraged the GASB to allow the optional single or multiple-column approach in Statement 61 for blending component units applied to all component units of business-type activities.

HFMA October 28, 2015

HFMA Comments on the FASB’s Proposal on NFP Financial Statement Presentation

HFMA comments on the FASB’s proposed Accounting Standards Update Not-for-Profit Entities (Topic 958) & Health Care Entities (Topic 954): Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities.

HFMA August 18, 2015
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