Innovation and Disruption

Closures of Walmart’s health centers reflect the widespread financial constraints in U.S. healthcare

Beyond signaling a setback for retail-based healthcare disruptors, Walmart’s recent decision to close its health centers is symptomatic of issues hampering the nation’s ecosystem for primary care, industry analysts say. The retail behemoth announced April 30 it would be closing all 51 of its health centers across five states, along with its virtual-health service. Five…

Nick Hut May 7, 2024

Robert Rebitzer: How to overcome the disruptive forces that can impede high-value innovation

In the 1980s, two valuable innovations, laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and electronic health records (EHRs), came to market. The former became widely adopted in about three years. The latter took three decades and billions of dollars in federal subsidies. The reasons behind the differing uptakes of health innovation are among the topics in the book Why…

Liz DeForest April 28, 2024

A ‘magic equation’ to unlock OR revenue

This whitepaper offers healthcare leaders a roadmap to identify operating room (OR) inefficiencies and address them using a "magic equation" of artificial intelligence, automation and change management.

HFMA January 31, 2024

Susan Dentzer: Why we have reached a tipping point on pharmaceutical spending 

Author Malcolm Gladwell famously wrote in a 2000 book about the phenomenon of “tipping points” — those moments when “critical mass, the threshold, [or] the boiling point” is reached and change occurs “not gradually but at one dramatic moment.”a One historical case in point: the collapse of the former Soviet Union, which, though building for years,…

Susan Dentzer, MS January 31, 2024

Healthcare in 2024: hfm columnists recount key issues finance leaders should keep on their radar

As 2024 begins to unfold, a key question challenges healthcare finance leaders: What are likely to be the defining issues for healthcare in the coming year?   Finance leaders should consider this question to make sure they are attuned to the potential for industry shifts, both positive and negative. And as they contemplate what’s in store…

Eric C. Reese, PhD January 30, 2024

The state of U.S. primary care: How new ways of thinking can spur meaningful improvement

As healthcare stakeholders consider ways to fortify the nation’s primary care system, industry leaders recommend emphasizing several strategies and components — and not waiting to act. “We’re close to midnight in many respects in thinking about how to urgently preserve and expand primary care in America,” Susan Dentzer, president and CEO of America’s Physician Groups…

Nick Hut January 16, 2024

HFMA strategy session highlights challenges and opportunities for healthcare finance leaders: payer relations, supply costs, AI and more

The legacy healthcare provider’s position in the industry could grow tenuous if leaders don’t respond boldly and strategically to ongoing trends, according to insights recently presented to HFMA leaders. “We’re at a crossroads right now,” Ashraf Shehata, principal and U.S. national sector leader for healthcare and life sciences with KPMG, said in November during a…

Nick Hut December 19, 2023

As healthcare defragments, payers grow stronger 

Two professional memories from the past two decades come to mind as I look to the horizon and try to see where this industry is headed, as all healthcare investors must do.   The first memory is of the constant refrain I heard from healthcare executives in Nashville, Tennessee, as I was learning the ropes of…

Marcus Whitney December 12, 2023

David Johnson: Right-sizing physician training? The case for surgical mechanics

American healthcare reputedly confronts a monumental physician shortage. A highly publicized 2021 report by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) forecasts that shortage to be as high as 180,000 physicians by 2034.a That’s out of a total population of roughly one million physicians. A breathless commentary on the AAMC report by the American Medical Association…

David W. Johnson October 27, 2023

Is This the Age of the Payvider?

By now, most health systems are familiar with the term payvider, and many are weighing the pros and cons of initiating their own payvider solution. The critical tipping point to act may well be here today, as health systems feel increased pressure to make greater financial and strategic impact for their organizations even as conditions…

HFMA October 2, 2023
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