Medicaid Payment and Reimbursement

News Briefs: Hospital labor costs rose by almost 40% between 2019 and early 2022

As published in hfm magazine, a monthly roundup of top news for healthcare finance professionals.

Nick Hut May 27, 2022

Tentative deal to provide pandemic funding won’t replenish the COVID-19 Uninsured Program

A bipartisan Senate bill would pay for additional vaccines and therapeutics but wouldn’t restore funding to a program that reimburses providers for furnishing COVID-19-related services to the uninsured.

Nick Hut April 27, 2022

CMS leaders explain final plans to restrict Medicare coverage of new Alzheimer’s drug

CMS mostly finalized previously proposed criteria for coverage of Aduhelm, which has been promoted as the first drug to treat the underlying pathology of Alzheimer’s disease.

Nick Hut April 16, 2022

Healthcare spending projections for the next decade reflect an expectation of steadying trends post-pandemic

CMS actuaries say the healthcare spending spike of 2020 will be tempered across sectors and payers in upcoming years.

Nick Hut March 30, 2022

Federal funding bill addresses 340B eligibility concerns but not some other points of interest for hospitals

An FY22 appropriations bill allows hospitals to remain in the 340B Drug Pricing Program if their eligibility had been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Hut March 12, 2022

Medicaid eligibility: Strategies to provide care access and maximize reimbursement

Is your hospital or healthcare system constantly seeking ways to help patients access care through Medicaid while maximizing their own reimbursement? Look no more as this sponsored survey unveils effective solutions for these challenges.

HFMA February 28, 2022

For some 340B hospitals, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unanticipated and unwelcome loss of eligibility

Bringing longer stays and higher rates of deferred care, the COVID-19 pandemic is adversely affecting 340B eligibility for some hospitals.

Nick Hut February 21, 2022

Healthcare News of Note: McKinsey analyzes a range of scenarios based on the infectiousness, immune evasion and severity of disease linked to the omicron variant

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles: An in-depth analysis looked at what the U.S. can expect with the onslaught of the omicron variant, CMS rescinded a drug pricing model, and total healthcare utilization in 2020 dipped below 2019 levels.

Deborah Filipek January 28, 2022

Survey: Health systems push toward risk-based payment models, payer-provider partnerships

Check out the key takeaways from a survey conducted in Summer 2021 with healthcare executives, which focused on risk-based models, data issues, leaders’ concerns on hitting budgets and more.

Crystal Milazzo January 28, 2022

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers can take effect nationwide, Supreme Court says

The court lifted injunctions that had halted implementation of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate in half the country, leaving hospitals and other affected providers with likely only a few weeks to begin complying.

Nick Hut January 21, 2022
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