Price Transparency

News briefs: In a win for hospitals, CMS removes a rate-reporting requirement from the Medicare FY22 IPPS

Recent healthcare finance and policy news included the release of the proposed rule for the FY22 Inpatient Prospective Payment System.

Nick Hut June 1, 2021

Hospitals not adhering to CMS’s cost transparency rule may eventually find their public images tarnished by their noncompliance

Hospitals could lose patients and their good reputations if CMS makes public the names of those noncompliant with the latest price transparency rule.

Shawn Stack May 26, 2021

Healthcare News of Note: Hospitals ignoring federal price transparency rules get warning letters from CMS

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles: CMS letters warn hospitals to abide by price transparency rules, fewer mental health services are available during the pandemic and the number of private-practice physicians undergoes a historic shift.

HFMA May 14, 2021

Healthcare News of Note: CMS offers new guidance on making healthcare price transparency information searchable

CMS guidance on making price transparency information searchable, a correlation between job loss and nurse suicides and using incentives to move hospitals away from just-in-time PPE inventories are all topics covered in this week’s Healthcare News of Note.

Deborah Filipek April 21, 2021

Congress seeks stepped-up hospital price transparency enforcement as compliance issues continue to emerge

The bipartisan leadership of a congressional committee is urging HHS to enforce price transparency rules more stringently.

Nick Hut April 15, 2021

Congressional hearing showcases the divergence in the two parties’ views on how to improve U.S. healthcare

One witness at a hearing of a House subcommittee touted price transparency as an essential tool for addressing healthcare costs.

Nick Hut March 27, 2021

How a health system prepared to comply with CMS’s new price transparency rule

The efforts of one health system to meet state and federal price transparency regulations shows the benefit of integrating transparency efforts into a broader organizational strategy.

Elizabeth Barker March 12, 2021

Healthcare News of Note: Xavier Becerra likely to be confirmed as next U.S. Department of Health and Human Services secretary

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles, including information on the likely confirmation of Xavier Becerra as HHS secretary, which specialists are seeing an uptick in patients and lingering health issues from COVID-19.

Deborah Filipek March 1, 2021

Prospective HHS secretary: ‘We will do robust enforcement to make sure that price transparency is there for all Americans’

Xavier Becerra, the nominee to be secretary of Health and Human Services in the Biden administration, said transparency is a vital step in addressing the issue of healthcare prices.

Nick Hut February 24, 2021

RAND report finds regulating hospital prices would be the most effective way to reduce healthcare spending, but are the proposals viable?

The American Hospital Association had a negative reaction to study findings showing that regulation of hospital prices would be the most effective way to reduce prices paid by commercial insurers.

Nick Hut February 21, 2021
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