Service Line Management

A Physician’s Guide to Financial Management Basics

Being able to analyze an income statement can help physician leaders identify what actions to take when variances occur. Similarly, knowing how to make a business case can help physician leaders secure staff or equipment they may need for a particular initiative.

Laura Ramos Hegwer September 28, 2017

Cost Scorecard Helps UCSF Surgeons Save $836K in Supplies

A monthly scorecard helped surgical departments reduce costs without requiring surgeons to follow a strict standardization process to limit the number of vendors.

Laura Ramos Hegwer August 1, 2017

Exploring Opportunities for Transforming a Healthcare Organization’s Cost Structure

On health system undertook a four-step process for performance improvement that involved developing organizational improvement targets and engaging division leaders to meet the targets at the division level.

William J. Doherty May 23, 2017

Savings and Efficiency Attainable by Partnering with Managed Service Providers

Vendor-neutral managed service providers can help health systems achieve savings and program efficiency across multiple high-cost areas, including labor and supplies.

Leanne Oatman April 6, 2017

Three Rivers Health Uses Analytics to Accomplish Financial Turnaround

A rural Michigan hospital regained its financial footing after integrating disparate financial systems into one platform and leveraging new analytics tools to lead process improvement efforts.

Kelley Smith, RN, MPH February 6, 2017

Augusta University Health System Leverages Decision Support for Costing and Planning

By integrating case cost data with financial data in their decision support system, the health system can now gain a clear picture of the true cost of a single patient case.

Laura Ramos Hegwer February 6, 2017

TeleNICU Offers High-Value Care to Tiniest Patients

Mitch Hall of Children’s Health in North Texas describes a TeleNICU program that helps the tiniest pediatric patients, delivering high-quality care at an affordable rate.

Mitch Hall January 20, 2017

Treating the Mind and Body as One

U.S. health plans are pursuing ways to integrate behavioral health care and primary care with the goal of improving care for patients with mental health conditions.

Ceci Connolly January 19, 2017

Tool: Service Line Planning Annual Calendar

Mission Hospital recently revamped and streamlined its service line planning approach, assigning specific tasks to specific months of the year.

HFMA June 13, 2013
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