Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing the revenue cycle by streamlining and automating payment collections

Nine healthcare finance professionals dive into strategies to help entities evolve to meet challenges faced by providers and payers in finding qualified employees in today’s workforce.

HFMA February 3, 2022

HFMA’s new Premium Facilitated Learning courses combine self-directed study with facilitator feedback and time for peer problem solving

Learn more about HFMA’s Premium Facilitated Learning — a new line of courses — that combine self-directed study with expert facilitation in this Q&A with HFMA’s Sue Spear, director of Digital Learning and Todd Nelson, director of Partner Relationships.

Stephani Johnston January 11, 2022

Key takeaways from HFMA’s latest Outlook Survey: Healthcare finance professionals anticipate technology-driven changes

HFMA’s most recent Outlook Survey of healthcare finance professionals highlights the potential of technology to usher in big changes in upcoming years.

Nick Hut December 22, 2021

Revenue cycle innovation: How automation can mitigate the financial impact of COVID-19

These four tips will help hospital financial leaders lessen the economic impact of COVID-19 now and in the future: Build and retain a core revenue cycle team, contain labor costs, redeploy talent more effectively and enhance revenue integrity.

HFMA December 2, 2021

Currance: Transforming revenue cycle outcomes using AI technology

One company’s AI technology solution helps revenue cycle teams with tools to deliver 2% to 6% additional earned revenue to healthcare systems’ bottom line.

HFMA October 26, 2021

Revamping prior authorization: How AI and automation could boost care and revenue

Prior authorization is the most time-consuming transaction for medical providers, taking up to an hour to complete manually. Find out how providers and health plans can save up to $417 million annually be automating prior authorizations.

HFMA October 5, 2021

Autonomous coding, it won’t hurt a bit with CodaMetrix

Coding at hospitals and health systems can take hours each day and can cost up to $7 billion in one year. However, one company encourages its use of artificial intelligence technology to reduce both cost and time of coding.

HFMA September 30, 2021

Single-use endoscopes offer a safe way for healthcare providers to catch up on backlog of nonemergent care procedures

One company focuses on growing endoscopy departments of healthcare organizations with single-use devices. Learn about the benefits of single-use endoscopes and how to take advantage of these products.

HFMA August 26, 2021

Healthcare AI experts discuss the need to improve data accessibility and validation

Healthcare organizations can improve the impact of AI applications by making proprietary data more widely available, according to insights shared during a workshop on using AI to advance health equity.

Nick Hut August 25, 2021

Healthcare News of Note: Struggling rural hospitals have option to become stand-alone EDs to receive more funding

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles: An upcoming option for rural hospitals to receive more funding, a key factor in outcomes of Black patients who receive COVID-19 care, and predictions about the hospital room of the future.

Deborah Filipek June 25, 2021
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