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Healthcare News of Note: A majority of physicians fear they missed signs of drug misuse during the pandemic and predict drug overdose deaths will rise, says a Quest Diagnostics report

Healthcare News of Note for healthcare finance professionals is a roundup of recent news articles: Physicians fear they missed signs of drug misuse during the pandemic, improved technology use is seen in patient engagement, and the majority of Medicaid health plans have a health equity plan.

Deborah Filipek December 17, 2021

Policies to prepare for a future pandemic should center on interoperability between hospitals and public health systems, expert says

The need for better interoperability between hospitals and public health entities is a crucial lesson of the COVID-19 pandemic, a public health official testified to a Senate committee.

Nick Hut August 4, 2021

HHS to provide funding for administration of COVID-19 advanced therapies in vulnerable communities

HHS announced a $150 million investment to make available monoclonal antibody therapeutic treatments for patients in vulnerable communities nationwide.

Nick Hut March 18, 2021

A proactive approach to comprehensive clinical asset management helps healthcare systems maintain financial health

One company discusses its goal to help other health systems in keeping medical equipment throughout its full life expectancy, especially in a time of financial struggle.

HFMA February 1, 2021

Why a crisis makes finance-clinical collaboration more important

Crisis, like the COID-19 pandemic, underscores the need for and benefits from better collaboration between finance and clinical leaders of healthcare organizations.

Rich Daly July 24, 2020

Hospitals and physician practices generally achieve ‘moderately effective’ use of cost data, according to a survey, which also identified more effective approaches

Although many healthcare organizations say they have achieved middling results in their cost accounting efforts, that could improve through widespread adoption of approaches identified as most effective.

Rich Daly April 1, 2020

Care management and reduced LOS: How hospital leaders can connect the dots

Emerging care management approaches are focused on coordinating each step in a patient’s care journey, from tracking status at admission to coordinating with community-based providers after patients are discharged.

Lance Robinson March 16, 2020

How using artificial intelligence enabled Flagler Hospital to reduce clinical variation

Flagler Hospital used an artificial intelligence application to support physician-led efforts to develop and adopt care pathways aimed at improving care quality and outcomes while reducing cost.

Michael Sanders, MD January 17, 2020

Know your denials challenges before developing prevention strategies

Successful denial management and prevention strategies require the right mix of people capable of handling the process from beginning to end.

Keith Olenik October 7, 2019

3 abilities every coder should possess

Coders need to understand billing expectations, how the billing process works and how the revenue cycle is affected.

HFMA October 7, 2019
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