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HFMA's marketing team is attending HFMA live events and capturing photos and videos of members and attendees in action.
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Healthcare finance leaders need to trust their principles, values and sense of taking care of each other in moments of doubt and fear, such as the current COVID-19 epidemic.
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HFMA's Rich Daly and Chad Mulvany talk about the latest from Washington on the coronavirus. Scott Rowe of Conifer Health Solutions discusses revenue cycle technology, and Marla Weston, former CEO of the American Nurses Association, talks ab...


HFMA news coverage of the new coronavirus and its effects on healthcare finance.

Join your healthcare finance peers in our community discussion about coronavirus.

News | Healthcare Business Trends

HFMA recommended coronavirus resources

The coronavirus is affecting the healthcare industry in unprecedented ways, and HFMA wants to help you stay up to date on the latest news about the outbreak. Come back to this page regularly for coronavirus resources, selected specifically for healthcare finance professionals, including Medicare information on regulations and guidelines, COVID-19 test pricing, COVID-19 coding, telehealth billing FAQs and more.

News | CMS and MedPAC Guidelines and Trends

CMS's latest guidance for healthcare organizations on the new coronavirus

The HFMA editorial team will continuously post the latest announcements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tools & Tips | Leadership

Healthcare associations band together to offer coronavirus resources

To help you better manage the evolving nature of COVID-19, these associations are collaborating closely to provide the healthcare field with our best resources available.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

What employees need from their leaders during the coronavirus crisis

As healthcare organizations navigate a high-stress period, leaders can serve as much-needed bulwarks if they take the right approach.

Case Study | Operations and Other Technology

Providence deploys technology, analytics in response to the coronavirus pandemic

In Washington state, one of the epicenters of the COVID-19 pandemic, Providence has enhanced its response by taking advantage of new technology.

News | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

Coronavirus bill provides hospitals with $100 billion, other policy wins

Hospitals would garner $100 billion in funding support — as well as some desired policy tweaks — from a pending coronavirus stimulus package.

News | Healthcare Legal

Hospitals seek legal cover amid their coronavirus responses

Hospitals are looking for more legal protections to help them improve their coronavirus care.

Article | Technology

How healthcare organizations can prepare employees to securely work from home and avoid cyberattacks during the coronavirus crisis

While working from home in the name of social distancing, your employees are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks.

News | Value-Based Payment

March 23-27: CMS webinars are among a proliferation of online-only events in healthcare finance

A complete listing of healthcare finance-related hearings, conferences, webinars, public forums and deadlines for the week of March 23.

News | Treasury and Cash Management

Hospitals scramble for short-term commercial, federal loans in response to coronavirus

Hospitals are looking for more short-term commercial loans and federal loans to bolster their responses to the coronavirus.

Blog | Value-Based Payment

Risk-based contracting in the time of coronavirus

The APM target prices/benchmarks are among the many policy issues beyond paying for surge capacity that CMS, commercial health plans and providers will need to work through in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Podcast | Operations Management

Special Episode: Coronavirus Exclusive with CFO Tim Maurice of University of California at Davis Health System

UC Davis Medical Center made headlines recently when providers there treated the first case of community spread coronavirus in the United States. In this episode, CFO Tim Maurice speaks with Joe Fifer about the health system's experience in this unprecedented health crisis. Also in this episode, Rich Daly and Chad Mulvany discuss the latest coronavirus news from Washington, and HFMA's Todd Nelson shares five tips for employees who are working remotely for the first time.

News | Capital Finance

Coronavirus leaves hospital financing in flux

Hospital’s long-term financing efforts have been disrupted by the coronavirus driving investors away from such offerings, say advisers.

News | Innovation and Disruption

Hospitals face staffing 'domino effect' from the coronavirus outbreak, adviser says

The novel coronavirus and family demands are expected to stress hospital staffing levels in new ways.

News | Financial Leadership

A Providence executive offers lessons for U.S. hospitals on coping with the new coronavirus

Keys for hospitals to stay on top of the coronavirus outbreak including developing a communications plan and establishing remote-monitoring capacity.

News | Innovation and Disruption

Hospitals should increase capacity in response to the coronavirus, former HHS secretary says

Hospitals should prepare for an inpatient surge due to the novel coronavirus. Options include moving private rooms back to semiprivate status.

Blog | Budgeting

COVID-19 outbreak will negatively impact U.S. hospital finances

The coronavirus outbreak could have a negative impact on hospital finances even with anticipated regulatory and legislative support.

News | Innovation and Disruption

National emergency declared, with hospital provisions included, in response to the coronavirus

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, which will provide a range of funding and policies aimed at boosting hospital responsiveness to the spread of the coronavirus.

Podcast | Healthcare Business Trends

Coronavirus, Walmart and the Risks and Benefits of M&A

Rich Daly and Chad Mulvany cover the latest from Washington on the coronavirus, Joe Polaris of R1 RCM discusses how to reap the promised benefits of M&A and Rich Daly talks about his interview with Lisa Woods of Walmart.

Q&A | Supply Chain Management

With the coronavirus, contingency planning takes on greater importance for healthcare supply chain professionals

A risk management expert with a leading healthcare consultancy says hospital supply chain professionals should monitor deviations and consider how to respond to them.

News | Consumerism

4 actions to provide a better billing experience for patients with coronavirus

Healthcare leaders who feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing coronavirus situation should not forget to ensure patients have a good financial experience in the organization.

News | Value-Based Payment

March 16-20: CMS deadlines approach amid ongoing cancellations of healthcare finance events

A complete listing of healthcare finance-related hearings, conferences, webinars, public forums and deadlines for the week of March 16.

Blog | Charity Care

U.S. hospitals could face operating cost, revenue and uncompensated care issues due to the new coronavirus outbreak

HFMA's Chad Mulvany says despite the additional federal funding and moves by some states to help with testing and treatment for COVID-19, hospitals should anticipate increased operational costs and uncompensated care expenses.

News | Medicare Payment and Reimbursement

March 9-13: HIMSS is among the first wave of cancellations to hit upcoming healthcare finance events

A complete listing of healthcare finance-related hearings, conferences, webinars, public forums and deadlines for the week of March 9.

News | Risk Management

$7.8 billion coronavirus legislation includes hospital support

Congress is quickly advancing a coronavirus funding package that will address some hospital preparation priorities.

News | Charity Care

Disaster fund may pay hospitals for uninsured coronavirus patients

The Trump administration is considering using a federal disaster fund to pay hospitals for care of uninsured patients who are sick from the coronavirus.

News | Coding

COVID-19 provides an opportunity for healthcare leaders to revisit coding processes

The spread of COVID-19 in the United States presents a reminder to healthcare leaders to prepare their coders for quick process changes.

News | Care Management

Azar warns about hospital overcrowding if the public overreacts to the coronavirus

People could swamp hospitals if they overreact to the novel coronavirus, the senior federal healthcare official warned Congress this week.

Trend | Supply Chain Management

The coronavirus and the healthcare supply chain: What hospitals need to know about N95 masks, drugs and devices

Hospitals should understand the potential supply chain disruption from the novel coronavirus and start taking steps to mitigate the impact.

Podcast | Consumerism

Answering the Consumer Call for Convenience

Emmet Conlon of TD Bank discusses strategies for providing convenient care. Also, Jason Williams of sponsor Change Healthcare talks about the challenges of AI in the revenue cycle, Rich and Chad discuss the coronavirus threat, and we provide five fast facts about ICD-11.

Blog | Population Health Management

U.S. healthcare organizations should prepare for potential impact of coronavirus

U.S. healthcare organizations can mitigate the risk of an outbreak of the coronavirus by preparing now and being ready, even if there is little empirical evidence to suggest a case will arrive at their facility.

News | Care Management

HHS Secretary Azar urges healthcare providers to watch for patients who have traveled to China

As part of efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Trump administration recommends that providers screen feverish patients for recent travel to China.