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HFMA recognizes South Texas Chapter for outstanding service and accomplishments

Column | Leadership Skills Development

HFMA recognizes South Texas Chapter for outstanding service and accomplishments

One of the highlights of HFMA’s Annual Conference 2019 came when the South Texas Chapter was presented with HFMA’s Robert M. Shelton Award, the Association’s highest Chapter honor. 

HFMA Chair Michael. Allen (far left), presents HFMA’s Robert M. Shelton Award to (from left to right) the current president of the South Texas Chapter, Lisa Keffer, and four past presidents of the Chapter: David Korn, Chris Snyder, Tammie Galindez and Clint Owen.

This award recognizes five years of sustained excellence and is presented at the HFMA Annual Conference every year. HFMA Chair Michael M. Allen, FHFMA, CPA, presented the award to South Texas Chapter’s current (and past) president, Lisa Keffer, relationship manager, Meduit, and the Chapter’s past presidents David Korn, reimbursement director, CLA [ClintonLarsonAllen] LLP; Clint D. Owen, executive director of sales, Change Healthcare; Christopher A. Snyder, MBA, regional sales director, Medlytix, and Tammie L. Galindez, FHFMA, MHA, associate vice president, value-based care, Conifer Health Systems. John Knighten, president of Ideation Consulting Group and co-founder of HealthCareSolutions Alliance and Invictus International Holdings, was also acknowledged for his contributions.

“Over the past five years, the South Texas HFMA Chapter has provided the highest level of service to its members,” said Allen. “This benefits not only the healthcare finance professionals who belong to the chapter but also the state of healthcare in the region. Kudos to the South Texas Chapter.”

The Chapter has earned a total of 18 awards over the past five years, including education, certification and membership awards as well as 10 Yerger Awards for innovation, member service, education, collaboration, improvement and member recruitment and retention, including single- and multiple-chapter entries.

For the past five years, the Chapter, which has 356 members, also has maintained an average of 207 education hours per member and an overall member satisfaction rate that has approached 85%, on average. Also, an average of 14.1% of its members were certified.

This is the Chapter’s first Shelton Award, which honors those that demonstrate continuous improvement in quality and variety in educational programs, growth in membership and other areas. The winner is selected by a five-member committee appointed each year by the HFMA Chair.   

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Jennifer Novoseletsky

is social media manager, HFMA, Westchester, Ill.


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