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AMN Healthcare: Innovator in Workforce Solutions

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Article | Labor Cost Management

AMN Healthcare: Innovator in Workforce Solutions

How do you help healthcare organizations navigate the biggest challenges in healthcare?

A healthcare organization’s workforce is the largest quality and cost component of its operations.  AMN Healthcare partners with organizations to solve workforce complexities, so that the healthcare provider can focus on its critical mission — quality patient care. Our staffing and workforce solutions include the industry’s most comprehensive network of well-trained, high-performing healthcare professionals, including nurses, physicians, leaders, allied professionals, coders and others. We also offer the widest array of advanced technology-enabled processes. These include vital services ranging from sourcing and recruitment to managed services programs (MSPs), along with predictive labor analytics, vendor management systems (VMS), health information management, mid-revenue cycle solutions, credentialing solutions and other services. Before engaging with a client, AMN Healthcare listens carefully to discern the challenges the organization faces and then customizes solutions to solve the entity’s current and future workforce-related issues.

What advice would you offer to healthcare leaders when choosing among vendors?

To optimize a healthcare organization’s workforce, it’s helpful to partner with an expert that has an array of staff and technology options designed to improve quality and efficiency amid the changing healthcare landscape. Automated and cloud-based workforce solutions, including MSP, VMS and predictive labor analytics programs have been available in other industries for many years and are now being designed for healthcare. A knowledgeable workforce partner must be able to customize and implement these and other offerings to fit an organization’s current needs while also anticipating future challenges. This effort may involve quickly and effectively integrating experts into the healthcare organization’s existing workforce structure. A strong partner also will have a strategic action plan for achieving workforce diversity and inclusion to support the values of the organization and the population it serves.

What is some advice you can give providers for a successful implementation of a new product or service?

A solid partnership creates the foundation for a successful service or product implementation. An organization can effectively address its workforce concerns by working with an industry leader that delivers both high-quality staffing services and technology processes and solutions as well as customizes them to client needs. When the partner has the knowledge and expertise to truly understand how the organization works, it can integrate the service product seamlessly into the organization’s existing structure.

Quick Facts

Number of years on the Short List:  Since 2011.

In HFMA’s 2018 review process, AMN Healthcare received impressive results, including:

  • 90% of Peer Reviewers strongly agree or agree they would recommend an AMN Managed Services Program (MSP) to their colleagues.

About AMN Healthcare

AMN Healthcare is the leader and innovator in healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services to healthcare facilities across the nation. AMN provides unparalleled access to the most comprehensive network of quality healthcare professionals, and delivers managed services programs, healthcare executive search solutions, vendor management systems, recruitment process outsourcing, predictive modeling, mid-revenue cycle solutions and more. AMN Healthcare is committed to fostering and maintaining a diverse team that reflects the communities we serve. For more information about AMN Healthcare, visit


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