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Cerner staff builds expertise with HFMA Enterprise membership

News | Staff Development

Cerner staff builds expertise with HFMA Enterprise membership

As an HFMA Enterprise business partner client, Cerner provides benefits that help to greatly expand the expertise of its staff and enhance its professional brand. This is particularly true in all areas of the revenue cycle business unit.

Kelley Love, director of revenue cycle, for Cerner Corporation based in Kansas City, recently shared an inside perspective on the how her organization is enjoying the benefits of Enterprise membership, and how that membership is an intrinsic element in the organization’s overall strategy.

Love indicated that the centerpieces of Cerner’s strategy around Enterprise membership are encouraging its associates to obtain HFMA certifications — particularly the certified revenue cycle representative (CRCR) designation — and offering associates direct access to HFMA’s vast store of revenue cycle knowledge, information and insights. “Cerner became an Enterprise member because we wanted to expand our associates’ knowledge and give them the appropriate tools that HFMA provides to stay up to date with the revenue cycle industry,” she said.

Love emphasized Cerner’s desire to make sure its clients know about the certifications because they validate its associates’ commitment to professional development and their high level of dedication to the industry. “We want them to know that our associates really are passionate about the revenue cycle industry,” Love said.

Kelley Love, director of revenue cycle for Cerner Corporation, describes how the company has made HFMA Enterprise membership an intrinsic part of its overall strategy.

She also pointed to other benefits of Enterprise membership that its associates are enjoying.

“We really look to HFMA, especially in the webinar space, to stay up to date with trends in the industry, new emerging topics that we want our associates to be aware of that are at the top of our clients' minds,” she said. She underscored the value to associates of having real-time access to industrywide content that they not only would have difficulty finding in other places but also can be confident is valid and accurate. Cerner associates also are showing an avid interest in accessing HFMA’s online education to expand their skills in the various revenue cycle areas of focus, according to Love.

Cerner is actively working with its team to identify opportunities to actively engage with HFMA at the local chapter level. “We’re working with our local chapters in Kansas City and Philadelphia to grow local chapter involvement,” she said.

Love concluded that Cerner’s journey with Enterprise membership is in many ways only just beginning. It already is becoming ingrained within the company’s approach to educating its staff, Love said. She also anticipates it will evolve significantly in the years to come.

About the Author

Eric C. Reese, PhD,

is a managing editor, HFMA, Westchester, Ill.


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