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Physicians are one of the most important partners hospitals have. It is a relationship that truly defines the strength of a provider organization. It is also a business relationship defined by a specific contract or agreement, which can be ...
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Physician Compensation Systems Survey

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Research & Reports | Physician Compensation

Physician Compensation Systems Survey

View the Physician Compensation Systems Survey slide presentation. 


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How to apply a value equation in setting compensation for specialty providers

An effective value-based compensation system for surgical specialists should not only account for the physician’s service, quality of care and financial performance, but also the extent to which the physician exhibits high standards of citizenship.

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5 high-leverage areas for improving medical group financial performance

By examining five high-leverage areas within medical group operations, health systems can identify improvement opportunities.

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COVID-19 impact on independent primary care physician practices could accelerate the shift to value based payment

Health plans are taking this opportunity to align more closely with independent PCPs, including BCBS of North Carolina, where practices’ acceptance of financial support requires them to join one of health plan’s existing ACOs.

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Medicare reopens application period for Direct Contracting models

CMS opened the application process for Direct Contracting models to more providers.