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HFMA’s move into the global arena includes an international membership program

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HFMA’s move into the global arena includes an international membership program

HFMA’s new International Membership program is just one aspect of the Association’s mission to expand its support of healthcare finance professionals in the international community and to be a participant in the global agenda to improve health for all.

Going global

As part of its international efforts, HFMA has also joined:

  • The G20’s Health and Development Partnership, with a focus on the partnership’s health-related agenda, including sustainable financing of health
  • The International Hospital Federation (IHF) in its mission to improve the overall management of health

The decision to go global with HFMA membership benefits is two-fold, said Joseph J. Fifer, FHFMA, CPA, HFMA’s president and CEO. “HFMA has recognized a need globally for our current healthcare finance content and educational opportunities,” Fifer said. “In addition, our global outreach supports our cost effectiveness of health initiatives.”

HFMA’s international outreach addresses a global need for the Association’s healthcare finance content and educational opportunities, said HFMA President and CEO Joseph J. Fifer.

Mary Mirabelli, FHFMA, senior vice president of corporate strategy, agreed. “We are in a better position than ever before to both learn from and share in the international community,” said Mirabelli. “HFMA’s mission and vision are evolving to more broadly support financial sustainability in the U.S. and across the global health and healthcare ecosystem.”

Offering an international membership fits with HFMA’s mission to support the financial sustainability of healthcare in the U.S. and abroad, said Mary Mirabelli, senior vice president of corporate strategy.

Benefits for international members

HFMA has been serving members across the globe for some time, including the Middle East, India and South American countries, but with this new targeted international membership, we are reaching out directly to a wider international audience with curated, relevant content for healthcare finance professionals outside of the United States.

International members will have access to, discounted certification programs and more than 30 on-demand webinars and 14 educational courses, Mirabelli said. In addition, HFMA is working to develop programming for countries with emerging revenue cycle markets.

“Many countries are facing the financial sustainability question of health and healthcare,” Mirabelli said. “With that comes changing payment models, new rigor around the management of healthcare finance, new complications and the demand for new skills. HFMA will be providing international members with the opportunity to build competencies around new processes and models.” 

For more information about international membership, visit International Membership (

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is a senior editor with HFMA, Westchester, Ill.

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