March 2021

Cover Story

Trend | Denials Management

4 ways to keep ahead of denials amid the pandemic

Revenue cycle leaders share their perspectives on managing denials during the COVID-10 pandemic, including the need to keep up with new codes and evolving payment guidelines.


Trend | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Front-line stories: How today's prior authorization processes create a burden of waste for providers

As hospitals continue to struggle with razor-thin margins, they should actively identify activities that create financial burdens for them without delivering value to patients. One health system’s stories of administrative waste due to prior authorization processes show why this activity should be be high on their list.

Article | Cost Effectiveness of Health

Healthcare leaders grapple with deferred care crisis

A survey investigated the impacts of the deferrals of elective procedures by hospitals and health systems in the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How To | Cost Effectiveness of Health

3 ways hospitals need to pivot their OR strategy in the wake of COVID-19

To maintain OR procedural revenue in the years following COVID-19, hospitals and health systems require a new surgical services strategy led by physicians and characterized by a focus on ambulatory care, with a strong emphasis on improving the patient experience and overall OR process efficiency.

Sponsored Content | Patient Financial Communications

An organization's consumer strategy must change with the times

Telemedicine and teleworking are up, employment is down, and healthcare leaders are working to balance it all.

Article | Revenue Cycle

HFMA Claim Integrity Task Force seeks to standardize denial metrics

A new task force is looking to improve the data and KPIs needed to further reduce denials.


Column | Leadership

'Stuck in the Middle With You'

HFMA's chair urges healthcare finance leaders to be intentional in encouraging many voices to be heard, recognizing cognitive biases that are misleading and helping guide decisions to the best possible outcome.

Column | Healthcare Business Trends

The fall of Haven, but the persistence of Amazon

Although many might have viewed the decision by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to shut down Haven, their ambitious joint venture, as a setback for Amazon, in particular, there is good reason to believe Amazon has not given up plans for a deeper involvement in healthcare.

Column | Leadership Skills Development

How leaders can reduce stress for employees instead of adding to it

The actions and attitudes of leaders help determine whether employees are at risk of becoming overwhelmed by stress to the point where their productivity and possibly their health suffer.

Column | Leadership

The evolution of integrated health system leader roles

Leadership of an integrated health system has become an increasingly complex undertaking today because of the many roles a leader must assume.

Column | Technology

Crossing the chasm on digital transformation 

A new focus on digital strategies necessitates meaningful new partnerships in the C-suite.

Column | Innovation and Disruption

It's all in the breath: An argument for improved outcomes and reduced costs in healthcare

Effective breathing is known to promote good health, but our healthcare system has given relatively little attention to the concept of breathing therapy. COVID-19 has increased the need for a greater focus on this issue, and there are simple steps healthcare organizations can take to address it.

Column | Coronavirus

Any port in a storm: How we can help each other navigate the challenging months ahead

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects on pandemic fatigue and what healthcare leaders can do to support their colleagues through the challenging months ahead..


Article | Leadership Skills Development

The Central Ohio Chapter creates a 'river' of donations through sock drive

A virtual fundraiser in HFMA’s Central Ohio Chapter turned into more than a one-off event.

News | Leadership

SVP Rick Gundling recaps new workshops, Biden and surprise bills

Rick Gundling, HFMA’s senior vice president of professional practice, talks about the Association's education plans for 2021 and comments on some hot topics in healthcare.

News | Financial Leadership

A dream becomes a reality

HFMA was launched in 1946 as the American Association of Hospital Accountants, and the first issue of what was to become hfm magazine came a year later.

News | Coronavirus

News Briefs: Latest patient volume data reveals some of the challenges facing hospitals in the COVID-19 era

Recent industry reports have quantified the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospital patient volume.


Business Profile | Population Health Management

UKG: Making work a better, more connected experience for everyone

Two companies merged into one to help organizations transform and digitize human resources and workforce management practices.

Business Profile | Billing and Collections

iVita Financial: Reducing bad debt while improving the patient financial experience

Gain insight into a program that improves patient collections, accelerating cash flow and shrinking bad debt, while boosting patient satisfaction and enabling a more patient-centric service experience in this business profile.

Article | Technology ROI

Helping healthcare organizations proactively verify and search for missed insurance coverage

Review how one company helps healthcare organizations verify and search for missed insurance coverage throughout the patient lifecycle and stay on top of benefits coordination.

Article | Revenue Cycle Technology

Ensuring healthcare providers bring in more revenue in a cost-efficient way

See how one company uses predictive analytics, advanced rules and expert auditors to reveal actionable insights that help hospitals increase revenue.