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If you have additional questions, please contact Brad Dennison ( Director of Content Strategy at HFMA.

Editorial Calendar

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*Note: Due dates listed are for advertising in the magazine. Manuscripts submissions are due three months in advance of the issue in which you want the article published.

Writing Guidelines

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The primary audience for hfm magazine is senior and mid-level healthcare financial managers, including CFOs, VPs of finance, controllers, revenue cycle directors, patient financial services managers, business office managers, and others responsible for healthcare financial management. Most of our readers are based in hospitals or health systems.

Types of Articles 
Articles for hfm should be clear and concise. Articles should focus on action—specific, practical steps readers can take to improve performance in their organizations. Some articles may focus on strategy, and some may focus more on tactics, but all articles should explain why the issue is important and how to improve performance. Tools and examples are encouraged. Articles generally run 1,500-1,800 words.

High-priority topics are those that affect a large segment of our audience, involve significant expense or revenue, involve significant risk, or are problem-prone. Our editorial calendar is the best resource for potential topics.

These are the types of manuscripts we most often receive that don’t fit our needs:

  • Scholarly works more suitable for an academic journal.
  • Articles that are overly general or lack action steps.
  • Articles that our reviewers tell us appear to promote a specific product or service.

Vendors are encouraged to submit articles, but should be sure that the articles present a systematic approach to understanding and improving business processes, rather than solely a description of the virtues of, for example, a particular type of technology. Company and product names should not appear in manuscripts (although company names do appear in author bios).

Articles are reviewed by peers with expertise in the article’s subject. Peer review usually takes 2-5 weeks. After that time, we’ll let you know whether the article is accepted.

Unfortunately, we cannot promise publication in a specific issue of the magazine. However, we make every effort to publish articles as promptly as possible. When the article is scheduled, you will hear from an editor to discuss the editorial process.