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Oct. 7-11: CMS listening session for hospitals among key industry events

News | Innovation and Disruption

Oct. 7-11: CMS listening session for hospitals among key industry events

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will seek feedback next week from hospitals and their advocates on FY20 changes to Medicare’s measurement of complications and comorbidities as part of payment, as well as on possible future policy changes in that area.

Information on that event is below, along with our complete listing of healthcare finance-related hearings, conferences, webinars, public forums and deadlines for the week of Oct. 7.

Monday, Oct. 7

Biopharma Congress conference 2019, Washington, D.C. Learn more.

Tuesday, Oct. 8

Listening session by CMS to describe the Medicare-Severity Diagnosis-Related Group (MS-DRG) Complication and Comorbidity (CC)/Major Complication and Comorbidity (MCC) comprehensive analysis discussed in the FY20 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) proposed and final rules, and to inform future rulemaking. Learn more.

Webinar by the American Hospital Association (AHA) titled “Population Genomics and its Impact on the Community.” Learn more.

Webinar sponsored by the National Rural Healthcare Association titled “Rural Hospitals Can Thrive in a Multigenerational Market.” Learn more.

Wednesday, Oct. 9

Deadline for comments to the Health Resources and Services Administration on how best to conceptualize and measure access to healthcare in rural communities as the Department of Health and Human Services’ Rural Health Task Force considers policy changes to meet their needs. Learn more.

Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle conference, Chicago (through Oct. 12). Learn more.

Webinar sponsored by America’s Health Insurance Plans titled “Optimize Quality Through Partnership: A BCBST/RxAnte Case Study.” Learn more.

Briefing at the American Enterprise Institute titled “Who benefits? The winners and losers of Medicare for All, Obamacare, and other health care proposals,” Washington, D.C. Learn more.

Thursday, Oct. 10

Webcast public forum by Health Affairs titled “Violence and Health.” Learn more.

Webinar sponsored by AHA titled “Employee Wellness: Why Health Coaching Programs Should Be an Integral Part of Your Employer Workforce Strategy.” Learn more.

Friday, Oct.11

Public briefing on Capitol Hill by the National Institute for Health Care Management titled "How to Build Healthier Communities: From the Opioid Crisis to Social Determinants." Learn more.

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