Trend | Operations Management

Healthcare Cost Containment: August 2019

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Trend | Operations Management

Healthcare Cost Containment: August 2019

Read the contents of the August issue of HFMA's Healthcare Cost Containment newsletter.

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Care process redesign

Why behavioral health should be part of a holistic healthcare approach

Jeremiah Reuter

The dual risk of physician and mental health conditions often compound the cost of care. In fact, people with a combination of medical and behavioral issues have medical costs that are two times higher than the general population.

Clinical costs

NPs, PAs could reduce the costs of caring for complex patients

Laura Hegwer

Organizations that don’t use NPs and PAs as primary care providers for complex patients are missing an opportunity to maintain good outcomes and potentially reduce costs, says Perri Morgan of Duke University School of Medicine.

Vendor management

Are you paying more than you agreed to?

Stephen Carrabba

Monitoring and sharing vendor contract terms will ensure that time and money invested in negotiations is not wasted and that your organization realizes agreed upon prices for goods and services.

Pharmacy management

Top 5 factors essential for pharmacy revenue integrity

By William Kirsh, DO, MPH

Maintaining pharmacy revenue integrity requires the availability of accurate, longitudinal data; physicians who understand how their prescribing decisions affect revenue integrity; and technology that delivers information in real-time.

Clinical decision support

Ways to reduce opioid misuse through patient monitoring

Scott LaNeve

Tackling state and federal prescribing guidelines can improve healthcare providers documentation and administrative reporting and potentially reduce their liability for patient opioid misuse.

Supply chain management

Client relationships and the supply chain

From our Sponsor, Kaufman Hall

Gregg Lambert

A hospital or health system that wants the best possible client service from its supply chain must provide resources — including staff, technology and tools — as well as opportunities to collaborate on decision making that will position the supply chain for success.

Healthcare costs at a glance

Medical costs for diabetes increase 26%

The excess medical cost per person with diabetes grew by 14% from $8,417 to $9,601 in 2017 dollars.



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