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Hospitals work to make the supply chain green

At a time when sustainability increasingly is a strategic priority in the healthcare industry, the supply chain represents a formidable challenge and an enticing opportunity.


Bringing ESG principles to healthcare 

Bond issuers and credit-rating agencies are looking to hospitals and health systems to prioritize environmental, social and governance issues.

3 considerations and 8 steps for creating an HaH program 

Interest among health systems in developing hospital-at-home (HAH) programs has continued to grow. Before moving ahead with a HaH program, organizations should thoroughly address key preliminary concerns and clearly understand the essential planning steps required to ensure success

3 ways healthcare providers should vet potential private equity partners

Few would argue that most healthcare providers would much rather practice medicine than operate a business. Private equity investors may offer them a solution to help them focus more on care delivery and addressing patients’ health needs.

How healthcare organizations can take the lead in the nation’s quest to improve health equity

Improving health equity in the United States is a challenge that is beyond the ability of the healthcare to meet on its own. But many of the ways our healthcare system currently operates exacerbate health inequity — and that is a problem we can cure.


Aaron Crane: HFMA launches DEI task force

HFMA Chair Aaron Crane discusses recent efforts to enhance the Association’s understanding of DEI-related issues, including the establishment of a new task force.

Paul Keckley: 3 trends to watch for in the 2023 healthcare regulatory agenda

Three convergent trends will have a heightened impact on the solvency and liquidity of provider organizations in 2023.

Gail Wilensky: Cybersecurity in healthcare has emerged as a national priority

Cybersecurity has rapidly become a predominant concern for healthcare organizations, with profound implications for the nation as a whole.

David Johnson: A taxing opportunity for brave nonprofit health systems

Nonprofit health systems may find that they can actually benefit from paying taxes. Although this idea may seem like a nonstarter to many, making this move would give nonprofits an opportunity to deliver higher value to their communities. 

3 primary areas of focus for effective financial planning

Developing dynamic projections for operating performance, establishing targets and benchmarks for performance and planning for levels of capital spending are three key areas of critical importance in financial planning.

Wendy Fielding: Healthcare CFOs can benefit from having a financial analyst’s perspective

A 30-year member of HFMA says she values the lessons she learned from her early experience as a financial analyst in healthcare. And she applies those lessons in helping her organization realize its commitment to value-based care and to improving access to care for its patients.

My final holiday message to the HFMA community 

FMA President and CEO Joe Fifer reflects on the importance of trust as the foundation for success in healthcare finance.


Florida Chapter fosters industry innovators

HFMA’s Florida Chapter successfully rebranded an annual professional development workshop to reflect the impact individuals can have at any stage of their career.

Pete November is new CEO at Ochsner Health

HFMA member Pete November is new CEO of Ochsner. Boyd Chappell, Bill Pack, Gail Kosyla and Chris Wilde recently named to new healthcare system CFO positions.

Reimbursement changes for 340B drugs reverberate in Medicare’s 2023 outpatient payment final rule

As published in the Winter 2022 issue of hfm magazine, a roundup of top news for healthcare finance professionals.


7 tips for successful M&A integrations

When companies go through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), how do leaders manage integrating teams and culture? Read through some tips from a health care transaction principle who assists health systems across the M&A life cycle.

Cloudmed, an R1 company, helps health systems get paid for the care they provide

Using one company’s AI platform, health systems will find uncovered funds that can be used to hire essential practitioners, build new facilities and fund outreach programs.

Optimize the cost effectiveness of health through prioritizing the patient experience

Read up on various strategies from several health system executives, including taking full advantage of EHR, reducing expenses, improving patient experience and so forth.

How healthcare organizations can defend against financial hazards in 2023

What are the most critical strategies to steer healthcare organizations in the direction of financial stability in the following year and beyond? A couple tips include reducing bad debt and accessing external benchmarks for supply pricing.

Revenue cycle technology budgets rise to meet need for automation, AI and robotics, says new survey

See five areas where there is room for additional automation according to respondents in a recent survey. Also read about using AI in the revenue cycle and the benefits it brings hospitals and healthcare systems such as dealing with staffing challenges, dwindling margins and increased denial rates.

Conserving capital expenses through clinical asset reallocation

In order to optimize the use of clinical assets and uncover financial savings, health systems need data-driven insights and technology solutions. This roundtable provides insights from health system executives on processes for reallocation of clinical assets as a cost-saving strategy.


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