Notes from National
Notes from National (NFN) is a monthly e-newsletter for chapter leaders covering news, tips, and the latest updates from HFMA.

In the August Issue

Looking Ahead

Chapter leaders' one resource for deadlines and upcoming events, including Far Out Dates.
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All Chapter Leaders: Protecting Member Information

Our members trust us with their information. Guard their information as if your chapter depended on it, because it does.
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What Can HFMA's Career Center Do for You?

The Career Center has the ability to touch every member from student to c-suite. Find out what it can do for you and your members.

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Newsletter Chairs and Webmasters: New Content Available

We've posted new articles from ANI, newsletter and web copy promoting the Career Center, and link for your websites to access the latest information on legal challenges to the ACA.

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Membership Satisfaction Surveys: Have You Wowed 'Em Yet?

Tips to help you boost your survey scores.

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Planning a Membership Directory

Rules and resources for membership directories. Start now for November delivery.
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Picture Perfect: Photos, Movies, and Highlights from ANI 2012

Download photos and movies of the award presentations, and don't forget the photo credits!
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Presidents: Are Some of Your Chapter Leaders MIA?

If your chapter leaders are on the non-renewer list, they can't get on the Chapter Leaders site and didn't get their copy of NfN. Bring 'em back in the fold.
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Education Roundup

Help your members stay on top of industry changes and best practices with our free education offerings. From webinars to e-learning, to HFMA's Fall Seminar series. Help your members access HFMA's education offerings and reap the benefits of chapter education hours.
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The Write Stuff

Our knowledgeable members are great sources of information, and we tap into their expertise for hfm magazine. Is there an expert from your chapter who can help you deliver information to your members that is current and on target? We name names.
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NFN Archive

NFN Archive is the source for issues from the past year.

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Publication Date: Thursday, July 26, 2012