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Healthcare Leaders Choose Voyant as Startup with Most Innovative Solution for Bending the Cost Curve

Chicago    |    Jun 30, 2020

Healthcare Leaders Choose Voyant as Startup with Most Innovative Solution for Bending the Cost Curve

Healthcare leaders participating in the June 26 session of the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Digital Annual Conference voted for Voyant Diagnostics as the healthcare startup with the most innovative solution for bending the cost curve. Voyant is developing a diagnostic smart toilet platform that fully automates point-of-care urine testing. The platform expedites urine testing turnaround in high-volume settings like the emergency department, increasing patient throughput and capacity. 

“We are honored to receive this recognition from healthcare finance leaders,” said Voyant COO Claire Zhou. “Voyant’s platform enables clinical staff to focus on patient care, not procedures. It’s designed to provide more timely patient care, eliminate user errors and improve the patient experience. Our goal is to improve care quality and reduce the cost of care.”

This is the third consecutive year that HFMA has held the contest, formerly known as the Virtual Pitch Contest. The 2019 winner was Papaya, a mobile phone-based healthcare bill payment system. 

Healthcare leaders who attended HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference had opportunities to experience pitches from all five finalists.

Other finalists in the competition included Paytient, an employer-sponsored payer of employees’ out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, designed to be used alongside a high-deductible health plan;  RexPay, a mobile app, powered by artificial intelligence, that helps patients understand, track and pay all medical bills in one place; Symmetric Health Solutions, whose cloud-based platform provides hospitals with data and analytics to improve supply chain; and Odeza, a mobile patient communications and engagement platform.

As the 2020 winner, Voyant will be featured in HFMA’s e-newsletter. Representatives will also present a webinar to HFMA members.

HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference will continue on July 15 and 17 with concluding days on August 12 and 14.

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