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8 healthcare trends for 2024: A guide for health system leaders and their boards

As health systems progress through 2024, they will require effective governance to successfully navigate the rising headwinds. As they plan and execute initiatives, their leaders and boards should remain informed about eight key trends that will have a growing impact on the industry and the future success of their organizations. 1 Continued big technology M&A…

Daniel J. Marino March 23, 2024

How to create an employer-friendly healthcare center of excellence

Increasing health expenditures and the pressures of the recent pandemic have contributed to the development of a new type of center of excellence (COE), called the future-state COE, which is designed to better address the needs of large employers. This COE model incorporates value-based contracting and a strong incentive design into a service-line strategy to create employee health programs that benefit employers, patients and providers alike.

Daniel J. Marino December 22, 2021

By adopting 4 models for managing risk, healthcare organizations can secure the foundation for value-based payment success

By adopting four models for optimizing costs, care delivery, the continuum of care and contracts under risk-based payment, health systems can create an integrated framework for guiding their value-focused strategy and focusing their efforts in risk-based contracting.

Daniel J. Marino July 15, 2021

Denials management: An underrated tool for optimizing value-based revenue

Effective denials management not only supports a strong revenue stream under existing fee-for-service payment models, but also is a key tool for managing the full range of value-based payment contracts.

Daniel J. Marino March 1, 2021

How to leverage the telemedicine surge to create a profitable telehealth model

Healthcare finance leaders can help their organizations establish profitable telehealth programs following the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing now on the economic and operational drivers that will determine the success or failure of such programs.

Daniel J. Marino July 31, 2020

How healthcare providers can avoid being at a disadvantage when negotiating risk contracts

Stratifying patients by risk helps finance leaders understand the cost implication differentials of shifts in utilization, giving their organizations a more solid footing in risk-based contract negotiations.

Daniel J. Marino March 16, 2020

A Blueprint for Building a ‘Risk Ready’ Healthcare Organization

The cornerstone capabilities healthcare providers require for success under risk contracts are contract modeling and negotiation, care management and coordination, analytics and technology, and relationships and alignment.

Daniel J. Marino September 26, 2018

Building a Value Model for Population Health Management

A data-driven “value model” can help healthcare organizations plan the scale and pace of investments into population health management in preparation for value-based contracting.

Daniel J. Marino February 21, 2017