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Public Health Emergencies: Is Health Care Ready to Respond?

Healthcare organizations that prepare for natural and man-made disasters can help manage the inevitable.

Daniel R. Verdon August 1, 2017

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Cybersecurity attacks to our nation’s infrastructure are increasing. The threat to health care has grown along with the life-saving potential that technology creates. 

Daniel R. Verdon July 5, 2017

Examining the Economic Impact of a Physician Shortage

The changing regulatory environment in health care adds even more urgency to a looming physician shortage that will continue to impact health care and its delivery over the next decade.

Daniel R. Verdon April 5, 2017

Productivity Growth Remains a Key Success Factor in the New Healthcare Economy

There is little question that 2017 will be another year of unprecedented change for health care, potentially signaling another positive step toward better aligning systems to achieve the Triple Aim.

Daniel R. Verdon January 31, 2017

Leadership’s New Mission: Collaborate

Changes to HFMA’s Leadership publication and brand are designed to promote collaboration among hospital and health system leaders, clinical leaders, and health plan executives.

Daniel R. Verdon January 24, 2017

Healthcare Innovation: What’s the Return on Value?

Healthcare finance leaders have an opportunity in 2017 to shape the future for U.S. health care by helping populations, organizations, and individuals to thrive.

Daniel R. Verdon January 9, 2017