Leadership’s New Mission: Collaborate

Collaboration will be necessary from all stakeholders as the business of health care continues to shift from its roots in fee for service to value-based care. It’s at the heart of a transition that is going to require innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and new approaches to healthcare delivery.

In this issue, Robert Groves, MD, vice president of health management and chief medical officer with Banner Health Network, may have said it best: “I believe that quality and cost are two sides of the same coin” (see “Lessons from a Leading ACO Performer” on page 4). While the industry awaits more detail about an Affordable Care Act replacement plan, most experts believe that elements incentivizing improved care at a lower cost will likely remain a core theme in any healthcare law.

In turn, such incentives will promote a collaborative spirit between providers, health plans, and healthcare finance in efforts to achieve the goal of improving the health of a population at a lower cost.

In this spirit, HFMA has repositioned the editorial mission of this publication. It will be delivered to you six times a year, complemented by a bevy of online content (hfma.org/Leadership) offering insight, tools, and case studies that will help healthcare leaders position their organizations to excel in this changing industry.

In this issue, you will see changes to Leadership, including the introduction of a feature called the Healthcare Challenge Roundtable. In each issue, Leadership will bring together three or more thought leaders representing clinical medicine, health plans, and healthcare finance to tackle some of the most pressing questions facing the industry. Other new features include a mergers-and-acquisitions Sector Watch and regularly scheduled departments on policy, consumerism, and innovation.

Coming soon, Leadership newsletter readers and subscribers will have access to premium content online (accessible through hfma.org/leadership), including web exclusives, access to article archives, and more.

Have an idea for topics or coverage? Please let us know by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

Daniel R. Verdon is vice president, Publications and Digital Assets, HFMA.