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If CINs could talk, what would they tell hospitals?

Integration: Clinically integrated networks (CINs) require increased attention if they are to fulfill their full potential for delivering good, cost-effective care.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA December 2, 2019

Why we need a ‘big tent’ approach to healthcare integration

Integration: The definition of healthcare integration should be expanded to encompass many different players performing a broad array of services, with a diversity of business models, to deliver value top diverse populations.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA October 3, 2019

Why it is necessary to routinely assess healthcare integration initiatives

Because the perspectives of participants in healthcare integration initiatives can change over time, causing their business and financial needs to move out of alignment, it is important to reassess the integration relationships at regular intervals.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA August 1, 2019

3 ways healthcare organizations can take integration to the next level

Consolidating healthcare organizations should continue to pursue opportunities to take integrated healthcare to new levels of effectiveness.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA June 10, 2019

Why Healthcare Forecasting is a Combination of Art and Science

A healthcare forecast is based on an analysis of related costs and trends, but a forecaster’s predictions also should consider the possibility of future crossroads where several vectors of change intersect.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA May 19, 2019

The Art and Science of Integration

Healthcare organizations should consider seven key factors and related initial questions when contemplating a proposed integration initiative.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA January 23, 2019

Rebalancing the Portfolio

As they modify their strategies to account for change in 2019, healthcare organizations should consider how risks and rewards might have changed and where they might best redeploy their dollars.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA November 28, 2018

Understanding the System Bottom Lines for Market-Based Primary Care

The concept of primary care is being transformed by changes to its subsystems related to  demand, supply, organization, and linkages.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA September 26, 2018

Six Ways to Look at Your Next Consolidation

To avoid making changes simply for the sake of change, healthcare leaders should attend to any unfinished business from prior changes and ensure any new move toward consolidation accounts for future uncertainty as well as potential new opportunities. 

Dean C. Coddington, MBA July 27, 2018

Developing a Future Generation Integrated Healthcare System

To envision new and better ways to rapidly reduce healthcare costs, the U.S. healthcare industry should take a lesson from approaches used by other countries, including China.

Dean C. Coddington, MBA March 21, 2018