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Going beyond price transparency compliance, patient payment in a time of COVID, and medical device security

Ogi Kwon of R1RCM discusses going beyond CMS price transparency compliance and toward a better patient experience. Chris Dunkerly and Doug Folsom from our sponsor TRIMEDX talk about about medical device cybersecurity. Five ways to strengthen patient relationships with sponsor CareCredit.

Erika Grotto January 28, 2021

How a New Jersey health system’s integration effort helped leaders navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

A culture of collaboration put Virtua Health on the right track for rapid recovery when COVID-19 interrupted integration efforts.

Erika Grotto January 22, 2021

Although relaxed regulations under Stark Law and anti-kickback statutes encourage better care coordination for patients, there’s also higher risks of noncompliance

The new Stark law and Anti-Kickback Statute changes provide exciting new opportunities to providers to better coordinate care. But with these new opportunities come new areas of compliance that will need to be addressed.

Erika Grotto January 22, 2021

Perspectives on leadership, culture and team-building during a pandemic

HFMA President and CEO interviews Lee Rivas of CloudMed about his leadership journey and how he's built his team during the pandemic. Rich Daly interviews Nicole Farrow and Andrew Johnson from Change Healthcare about trends and solutions in prior authorization.

Erika Grotto December 29, 2020

How the pandemic paved the way for fraud, waste and abuse in telehealth

Emad Rizk of Cotiviti discusses the fraud, waste and abuse risks of telehealth, and Sondra Cari from sponsor Huron talks about the opportunities of revenue cycle learning.

Erika Grotto December 29, 2020

Election Special: As the votes are tallied, we look at what the possible outcomes mean for healthcare

As the world waits for the results of the presidential election and other key races, Rich Daly and Chad Mulvany discuss what could happen in the coming months. Also in this episode, Joe Fifer interviews 4sight Health CEO Dave Johnson about what's next for hospitals after COVID-19. This episode is sponsored by TRIMEDX.

Erika Grotto December 29, 2020

The payer episode: CMS interoperability rules and provider strategies for better conversations

Chris Hobson, from Orion Health discusses CMS’s upcoming deadline for interoperability requirements for payers and Geneva Schlabach from Vispa and Mike Duke from Baker Tilly talk about denials management.

Erika Grotto October 26, 2020

Rep. Suzan Delbene’s value-based payment legislation and Humana’s population health milestone in Medicare Advantage markets

Rich Daly interviews Rep. Suzan Delbene about the Value in Health Care Act, proposed legislation that would make a series of hospital-supported changes to value-based programs operated by Medicare. Andrew Renda of Humana talks about how the company improved Healthy Days in Medicare Advantage markets. In a sponsored segment, MedAssist Senior Vice President Nate Allen and Carilion Clinic's Vice President of Revenue Cycle Brett Tracy discuss Medicaid expansion in Virginia.

Erika Grotto October 12, 2020

Telehealth opportunities in oncology, and Stever Robbins shares the secret to tackling email overload

Dr. Andrew Hertler of New Century Health discusses how telehealth can help keep patients on track with cancer screenings and treatment. Also in this episode, productivity expert Stever Robbins tells us once and for all how to handle email (Hint: It's not folders.)

Erika Grotto October 12, 2020

Self-pay A/R best practices, Stark Law with Rep. Roger Marshall and CMS’s price transparency rule

Chad Mulvany talks with members of the task force that developed recommendations around self-pay accounts receivable best practices, Rich Daly interviews Rep. Roger Marshall about his efforts to get CMS to speed up their overhaul of Stark and Antitrust laws. Gregory Adams from sponsor organization Panacea discusses some aspects of CMS's price transparency rule that hospitals might be missing.

Erika Grotto October 12, 2020