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What would you do if your best employee quit tomorrow? Anton Gunn shares the secrets to effective succession planning

Leadership consultant Anton Gunn discusses why succession planning is important not only for C-suite executives but everyone in an organization. He also shares insights about how to train and develop up-and-coming leaders either to take over or to leave the organization for a better opportunity.

Erika Grotto January 6, 2022

5 keys to succession planning with leadership consultant Anton Gunn

Listen to the podcast. Imagine for a moment that you win the lottery tonight. Congratulations! You’re off to Tahiti, and it’s goodbye to the day job. Have you thought about who’s going to take your place? Now, imagine your boss bought a lottery ticket and has pulled you aside to say, “If I win big,…

Erika Grotto January 6, 2022

Policy analyst and hfm columnist Paul Keckley discusses the cost effectiveness of health

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer interviews Paul Keckley, managing editor of The Keckley Report and author of an upcoming column in hfm magazine about the economy and healthcare spending, public health and the pandemic, and the cost effectiveness of health.

Erika Grotto December 22, 2021

The HFMA editorial team discusses the biggest healthcare stories of the year and looks ahead to 2022

HFMA's award-winning editorial team looks back on key stories from 2021 in the news, hfm magazine, HFMA's Community, the podcast and more.

Erika Grotto December 22, 2021

Adopting the first responder mindset in leadership

Michael Bumann is the founder and CEO of Red Dot, a company that specializes in resolving motor vehicle accident accounts for healthcare organizations, and his history as a firefighter and EMT informs every aspect of his business. In today's episode, Bumann discusses what lessons leaders can take from first responders to take action in times of great challenge.

Erika Grotto December 8, 2021

An epidemiologist discusses how we failed the public when it comes to public health

Dr. Brian Castrucci, an epidemiologist and CEO of the de Beaumont Foundation, talks with HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer about policies to improve public health, cost effectiveness of health, the future of COVID-19 and the healthcare industry's role in it all.

Erika Grotto November 29, 2021

Rep. Suzan DelBene discusses the Improving Seniors‘ Timely Access to Care Act

HFMA senior editor Nick Hut is joined by Rep. Suzan DelBene to talk about the Improving Seniors' Timely Access to Care Act as well as following up on the Value in Health Care Act.

Erika Grotto November 29, 2021

The pandemic cast a new light on mental health, and telemedicine provided a new avenue to access. How is the industry likely to view mental health and behavioral health in the future?

Dr. Ranga Krishnan of Rush University System for Health discusses the future of mental health payment and practice. He addresses how provider organizations can address workforce shortages by becoming partners in training and by changing the way they provide care to patients. He also talks about improving mental and behavioral healthcare in a value-based payment environment.

Erika Grotto November 16, 2021

All the things they don’t teach you in med school (and why they should)

Dr. Glenn Hardesty of Texas Health Resources and Stu Schaff of Intentionate Healthcare Advisors discuss how administrative burden deteriorates physician job satisfaction and well being, and how leaders can help.

Erika Grotto November 16, 2021

HFMA’s Healthcare 2030 series: What will the next decade mean for healthcare organizations and the patients they serve?

HFMA's Brad Dennison and Paul Barr discuss Healthcare 2030, a four-part series exploring the challenges and opportunities for CFOs and other healthcare leaders created by the evolving industry, looking ahead to 2030. Danielle Solomon, national healthcare industry partner at BKD, and Mike Morris, president and CEO of XTend Healthcare, talk about the research that went into the series and their take on the findings.

Erika Grotto October 20, 2021