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Robert Rebitzer: How to overcome the disruptive forces that can impede high-value innovation

In the 1980s, two valuable innovations, laparoscopic gallbladder surgery and electronic health records (EHRs), came to market. The former became widely adopted in about three years. The latter took three decades and billions of dollars in federal subsidies. The reasons behind the differing uptakes of health innovation are among the topics in the book Why…

Liz DeForest April 28, 2024

Budgeting for healthcare technology is not just a numbers game

In recent years, the healthcare industry has seen a rapid proliferation of new technologies with promising healthcare applications. This trend has created a challenge for most U.S. hospitals and health systems, given their severe budget constraints, in deciding which of these new technologies constitute the best investment options for their organizations. Add to their technology…

Liz DeForest March 25, 2024

Meeting healthcare’s workforce challenges requires innovation — with a dose of humanity

There is no low-hanging fruit left in workforce innovation. Yet hospital and health system finance executives who are looking for investments their organizations can make to reach higher up the tree should not be deterred. They can follow the lead of health systems that have already taken risk and reaped rewards — from taking an…

Liz DeForest March 28, 2023

How to future-proof your travel nurse and clinician staffing

Nursing and clinician staff have long faced pressures, exacerbated by the pandemic, that have caused many of them to experience burnout and some to leave the profession. Recognizing such concerns among its staff, including a desire for greater flexibility in scheduling and types of assignments, Trinity Health in Livonia, Michigan, developed an innovative in-house travel staffing approach that would address the concerns and promote increased nursing staff engagement with its health system, without which it could not deliver the highest possible quality of care.

Liz DeForest March 25, 2022