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340B providers are at a disadvantage after the latest court ruling on contract pharmacies

A decision issued by an appeals court represents the latest setback for 340B providers hoping to secure widespread access to price discounts on Medicare Part B drugs. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on May 21 upheld a district-court ruling that drug manufacturers can impose restrictions on the 340B discounts…

Nick Hut May 24, 2024

Hospital payments have been substantially affected by the Change Healthcare cyberattack, report finds

Newly published data reflect the extent of the payment loss experienced by hospitals and health systems during the first month or so after the Change Healthcare cyberattack. A report (registration required) published in mid-May by Strata finds that gaps in expected revenue ranged from 16.5% to 17.9% per hospital for Q1. The insights were culled…

Nick Hut May 20, 2024

HHS issues regulations to strengthen anti-discriminatory protections in healthcare (updated)

July 3 update A judge with the Southern District of Mississippi federal court granted an injunction preventing the Biden administration from enforcing regulations expanding anti-discrimination protections in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Issued two days before the new rule was to take effect, the order applies to the provisions concerning gender identity. The move came…

Nick Hut May 14, 2024

Annual report on Medicare financing could reduce the immediate impetus to address longstanding issues

New data on the state of Medicare funding show short-term improvement while keeping the stakes high for ensuing decades. The annual report from Medicare’s trustees shows the Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (i.e., Medicare Part A) has enough money to keep beneficiaries covered and providers paid through 2036. That’s an increase of five years from the…

Nick Hut May 9, 2024

Closures of Walmart’s health centers reflect the widespread financial constraints in U.S. healthcare

Beyond signaling a setback for retail-based healthcare disruptors, Walmart’s recent decision to close its health centers is symptomatic of issues hampering the nation’s ecosystem for primary care, industry analysts say. The retail behemoth announced April 30 it would be closing all 51 of its health centers across five states, along with its virtual-health service. Five…

Nick Hut May 7, 2024

Congressional hearings on the Change Healthcare cyberattack bring attention to providers’ continuing predicament

Two congressional hearings involving the CEO of UnitedHealth Group offered few concrete solutions to the issues surrounding the Change Healthcare cyberattack but did highlight the ongoing pressures facing healthcare stakeholders. Andrew Witty, the CEO, was questioned May 1 by the Senate Finance Committee in the morning and a House subcommittee in the afternoon. For providers…

Nick Hut May 2, 2024

News Briefs: Hospital advocates bemoan the small Medicare payment increase proposed for FY25

The payment update described in Medicare’s FY25 proposed rule for inpatient hospital care and long-term care hospitals falls well short of what hospitals need to keep up with costs, advocates say. The inpatient payment rate would rise by 2.6% for hospitals that fulfill quality-reporting requirements and meet the criteria to be designated as meaningful users…

Nick Hut May 1, 2024

Seeking to improve healthcare for Medicaid beneficiaries, CMS issues a flurry of regulations

CMS over the last month published a trio of final rules intended to make the Medicaid program work better for beneficiaries, with implications for healthcare providers. The three rules address eligibility and enrollment, access and Medicaid managed care. Streamlining eligibility and enrollment The first rule addresses administrative barriers in an effort to simplify enrollment processes…

Nick Hut May 1, 2024

Reimagining charity care: How Monument Health puts patients first with an innovative financial assistance program

Deepak Manmohan Goyal, MD, MBBS, MBA, executive director for revenue cycle and supply chain at Monument Health, remembers the case of a 40-year-old patient with late-stage cancer who sought care at the Rapid City, S.D., health system a few years ago before succumbing to her disease. An earlier and unrelated care episode ideally would have…

Nick Hut April 29, 2024

A new 340B dispute resolution process could create more opportunities for providers

Regulatory updates to the administrative dispute resolution (ADR) process in the 340B Drug Pricing Program seem likely to expedite the filing of claims over manufacturers’ refusal to offer discounts on drugs distributed at contract pharmacies. HHS and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which administers the 340B program, published a final rule that modifies…

Nick Hut April 26, 2024