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Annual Conference: HFMA Chair Dennis Dahlen issues a call to action for healthcare finance professionals

The concept of punctuated equilibrium refers to systems that experience isolated episodes of dramatic evolution intermixed with long periods of stasis or something close to it. Dennis Dahlen, who on Tuesday morning was installed as HFMA’s National Chair for FY23-24, thinks the hypothesis applies to healthcare. Speaking to Annual Conference attendees, Dahlen, the CFO of…

Array June 27, 2023

Annual Conference: Joe Fifer says goodbye

In the 11 years that Joseph J. Fifer led HFMA, he successfully guided the Association through some difficult events. The COVID-19 pandemic, the social unrest related to racial issues and enduring political divisiveness were among the challenges experienced by HFMA under his watch. But Fifer never gave up on promoting the benefits of personal connections…

Array June 26, 2023

Annual Conference: Body-language expert Scott Rouse explains how to read others and make a good impression

People who know how to read body language can gain a significant advantage in their interpersonal relations, an expert said during Monday’s keynote session at HFMA’s Annual Conference. Scott Rouse, a behavior analyst and body-language expert who works with law-enforcement agencies and major corporations, said awareness of body language is key to quickly establishing connections…

Array June 26, 2023

Annual Conference: Health system CFO panel reflects on the importance of embracing change

The healthcare industry is enduring tough times, but finance leaders are equipped to guide their organizations through choppy waters, CFOs said Sunday as part of a panel discussion. Speaking onstage during the opening session of HFMA’s Annual Conference in Nashville, five health system CFOs described how they’ve responded during a tumultuous period that began more…

Array June 25, 2023

Annual Conference: New HFMA CEO Ann Jordan describes her vision for the Association

Speaking Sunday at Annual Conference, Ann Jordan articulated her vision for how HFMA can support members and positively affect the healthcare industry. Jordan, who succeeded Joe Fifer as president and CEO on June 6, described growing up on a farm in Iowa (“my first career endeavor at the age of 9 was field labor”), then…

Array June 25, 2023

MedPAC takes aim at the Medicare wage index and reiterates support for site-neutral payment

In its semiannual report to Congress, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommends significant changes to two key aspects of Medicare policy: the wage index and site-neutral payment. 1. A revamp of the wage index The wage index consistently generates concern among healthcare stakeholders, including in Medicare’s FY24 proposed rule for hospital inpatient payments. According…

Array June 22, 2023

As anticipated, the start of the Medicaid unwinding process has taken a toll on coverage

Fears among healthcare policymakers that the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency would sow chaos in Medicaid have been realized, leading the Biden administration to intensify its mitigation efforts. The end of Medicaid continuous-enrollment provisions is affecting the program in many states. In 21 states that had begun the “unwinding” process since April 1,…

Array June 15, 2023

Medicare coverage and coding updates: New Alzheimer’s drugs to be covered, but not universally

Note: This article was updated July 6. For drugs manufactured to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, Medicare will offer coverage with certain qualifications, according to a recent CMS announcement. The new policy especially is relevant because the FDA’s first full approval of an Alzheimer’s disease drug may be only a month or so away.…

Array June 13, 2023

Report quantifies the financial impact of certain health plan business practices on providers

As hospitals seek to regain their financial footing coming out of the pandemic, they may find themselves stymied by commercial payer policies, according to a new report. “It’s true that commercial payers might generate more net revenue than public payers on a per-case basis,” Crowe states in a report it recently published. “But at what…

Array June 2, 2023

News Briefs: The expiration of the COVID-19 PHE brings an end to key provisions

The termination of the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) on May 11 meant providers lost many of the accommodations and regulatory flexibilities that were in place since Jan. 31, 2020. For example, Medicare’s 20% add-on payment for treating COVID-19 cases in the inpatient setting no longer is available. With reported cases and hospitalizations steadily trending…

Array May 30, 2023