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Hospital M&A volume remained slow in Q2, but revenue per transaction continued to surge

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be curtailing the volume of hospital merger-and-acquisition activity, but deal size has grown significantly.

Nick Hut July 13, 2021

Newer payment models should be part of holistic transformation efforts, CMS deputy administrator says

Healthcare industry stakeholders can expect a new approach to how federal payment models are formulated, as a newly released rule for Medicare coverage of kidney care illustrates.

Nick Hut July 9, 2021

A closer look at the new surprise billing regulations: The impact on balance billing

New regulations on surprise billing will affect hospital billing processes starting in 2022.

Nick Hut July 9, 2021

Report finds fewer than a third of physicians continue to practice independently

About 70% of physicians were employed by health systems or corporate entities such as private equity firms and health plans at the start of 2021.

Nick Hut July 2, 2021

Financial metrics show a steady recovery for hospitals as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides

The latest financial data from the hospital sector paints a picture of a continuing recovery from the depths of the pandemic.

Nick Hut July 2, 2021

Government agencies issue the first set of regulations restricting surprise billing

In a development that many healthcare stakeholders have awaited for months, four federal agencies on Thursday, July 1 released new regulations prohibiting surprise billing in many scenarios.

Nick Hut July 2, 2021

Hospital groups raise red flags about spending offsets in bipartisan infrastructure bill

The bill would be paid for in part by extending the duration of the 2% reduction in Medicare payments and by tapping into the Provider Relief Fund.

Nick Hut June 29, 2021

Medicare should update its policies for separately payable drugs in the Outpatient Prospective Payment System, MedPAC says

Worthwhile changes include requiring drugs to be proven clinically superior before granting them pass-through payment status, according to a new report.

Nick Hut June 27, 2021

The state of the 340B program: What the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act ruling meant, and which issues still loom

An under-the-radar aspect of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act involved hospital eligibility for the 340B program, an industry expert says.

Nick Hut June 25, 2021

In response to requests, HHS offers accommodations on deadlines for Provider Relief Fund spending and reporting (updated)

The new deadlines apply to allocations received after June 30, 2020. Reporting on use of funds is required only for designated time periods during which a provider’s payment exceeded $10,000.

Nick Hut June 23, 2021