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The Provider Relief Fund distribution formula may have left some higher-need hospitals at a disadvantage, study finds

Critical access hospitals generally received lower allocations from a targeted distribution pool compared with hospitals that had a better asset mix.

Nick Hut October 28, 2021

The Medicare area wage index likely needs a revamp, MedPAC members say

Wage index adjustments leave some hospitals at a disadvantage and are costly for the Medicare program, according to policy advisers.

Nick Hut October 25, 2021

Hospitals and Congress propose improvements to prior authorization processes in Medicare Advantage

The American Hospital Association says pending regulations that would affect prior authorization should be expanded to include Medicare Advantage.

Nick Hut October 22, 2021

Research highlights ways to save more than $250 billion per year through healthcare administrative simplification

Savings can be generated at the organizational and healthcare industry levels through steps to reduce wasteful administrative processes, study authors wrote.

Nick Hut October 22, 2021

Accountable care models will be almost universal for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries by 2030, CMS leaders say

A forthcoming revamp of federal value-based payment models will include features designed to encourage provider participation, CMS and CMMI leaders said.

Nick Hut October 21, 2021

Hospital groups express concern over earlier court ruling that could expand False Claims Act liability

The groups argue that allowing FCA claims to be brought for post-termination actions would defy congressional intent and leave hospitals subject to excessive financial liability.

Nick Hut October 19, 2021

With substantial Medicare payment cuts pending, medical groups call for Congress to act

Payment cuts scheduled for 2022 would amount to a 9.75% reduction in Medicare revenue for medical groups, which are calling on Congress to pass legislation to stop the cuts.

Nick Hut October 14, 2021

Providers must furnish ‘good-faith’ price estimates to self-pay patients starting next year

A newly issued federal rule on surprise billing includes regulations designed to improve price transparency for self-pay patients.

Nick Hut October 11, 2021

Healthcare M&A activity for Q3 remains low in volume but high in impact, firms report

The number of M&A transactions involving hospitals and health systems remained at historically low levels, but the average revenue involved was far higher than in recent years.

Nick Hut October 11, 2021

The finalized arbitration process in new surprise-billing regulations appears to favor insurers over hospitals

A new rule establishes a process for resolving payment disputes between health plans and hospitals when regulations on surprise billing begin in 2022.

Nick Hut October 8, 2021