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Reimagining the healthcare supply chain to bolster resilience and efficiency

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare supply chain leaders are considering new approaches to sourcing, inventory management, analytics and technology.

Nick Hut December 18, 2020

‘This is what I’m able to do’: New fund seeks to help address racial inequities in healthcare

Nashville-based entrepreneur Marcus Whitney has launched a venture capital fund that will support Black-led healthcare business endeavors.

Nick Hut December 2, 2020

7 ways to improve collaboration between finance and clinical leadership

By taking the right approach to collaboration, healthcare finance and clinical leaders can improve results for their patients and their organizations.

Nick Hut July 27, 2020

‘A mountain of work’: Lessons from 2 organizations that restarted elective procedures after the COVID-19 moratorium

Leaders with two provider organizations that resumed elective procedures as COVID-19 began to ebb in their markets describe the most important considerations.

Nick Hut May 26, 2020

Enhanced care coordination provides a blueprint for optimal healthcare, former VA Secretary David Shulkin says

The U.S. healthcare system will thrive if leaders and policymakers take steps to promote holistic care and better access, says David Shulkin, MD, former secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Nick Hut May 5, 2020

How a physician scorecard helps a clinically integrated network drive value

Mary Washington Health Alliance uses a scorecard to rate participating physicians on activities that promote value.

Nick Hut April 6, 2020

With the coronavirus, contingency planning takes on greater importance for healthcare supply chain professionals

A risk management expert with a leading healthcare consultancy says hospital supply chain professionals should monitor deviations and consider how to respond to them.

Nick Hut April 1, 2020

Hospital leaders have options to help their supply chains during the coronavirus pandemic

Hospitals may be feeling desperate as they scramble to address the COVID-19 pandemic, but supply chain managers and finance leaders can take several steps to mitigate shortages.

Nick Hut March 26, 2020

How to successfully manage multiple generations in the workplace

With four generations working side by side, leaders at all levels of a healthcare organization should be aware of ways to promote cohesiveness and effective collaboration.

Nick Hut February 6, 2020

The healthcare CFO of the future: How finance leaders are adapting to relentless change

As the healthcare industry acclimates to disruption, the CFO role steadily is becoming more strategic and expansive, as shown in the experiences of four health system finance leaders.

Nick Hut December 16, 2019