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Panel: How the healthcare industry can achieve a higher-value and more equitable system

A panel of experts explored how to make healthcare more effective both generally and for underserved demographics specifically.

Nick Hut February 1, 2021

Biden’s order to reopen the ACA marketplaces next month draws praise from hospitals

An executive order by President Joe Biden directed HHS to open the Affordable Care Act marketplaces for three months starting in mid-February.

Nick Hut January 30, 2021

3 takeaways from the latest MedPAC policy meeting: future payment rates, telehealth coverage approaches and an overhaul of Medicare APMs

The January meeting of the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission included policy discussions about some of the most pressing issues in healthcare, including coverage of telehealth services.

Nick Hut January 25, 2021

‘History favors the bold’: The digital transformation mandate for the healthcare industry

Hospitals and health systems need to implement digital technologies and processes to keep up with societal and industry changes, according to a featured presentation at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

From rules and regulations to innovation and disruption: The best of HFMA’s 2020 Digital Annual Conference

HFMA’s Annual Conference went all-digital for the first time in 2020, showcasing relevant content to a virtual audience of healthcare finance professionals.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

How the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors are affecting credit ratings in the not-for-profit healthcare sector

At HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference, an analyst with Moody’s described the ratings agency’s approach to assessing the outlook for the not-for-profit healthcare industry and individual organizations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

Why healthcare organizations should adopt a transformational mindset coming out of COVID-19

As the healthcare industry starts to look beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders should consider how they can go beyond recovery to transform their operations.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

Offense or defense? Why a healthcare provider should identify its financial persona as part of a revenue growth strategy

A hospital or health system should identify its financial persona as an initial step in developing strategies to diversify revenue and improve its margin, according to a presentation at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

How one hospital relied on sound business and finance processes as the foundation of its cultural transformation initiative

One key to the success of Bergen New Bridge Medical Center’s cultural transformation was an accompanying focus on business and finance strategy, two leaders said during a presentation at HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021

4 generations under one roof: How leaders should interact with a multigenerational workforce

Leaders of healthcare organizations can relate to members of different generations in ways that cater to each group, a leading researcher said during HFMA’s Digital Annual Conference.

Nick Hut January 22, 2021