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The key role of downside risk in the success of value-based care

The basic idea behind value-based care (VBC) is simple. By encouraging providers to focus on the value rather than the volume of the services they deliver, it should be possible to achieve the twin goals of lowering healthcare costs and improving clinical outcomes. Given that the United States now spends far more per capita on…

Richard Jackson June 2, 2024

Why providers are struggling to succeed under value-based care

An obvious question that has often been overlooked in the rush to promote value-based care (VBC) is whether providers are equipped to navigate the transition from volume to value. Findings of a survey of providers and payers published in September suggest that there are reasons for concern.a Many providers report that capability gaps are negatively…

Richard Jackson January 26, 2024

A brief guide to the health-equity journey

Over the past few years, our nation has seen an intensified focus on health equity. Spurred in part by the pandemic, which laid bare the vast human cost of remediable health disparities, both civil society and government are increasingly focused on improving health equity. So are healthcare organizations themselves, many of which are launching or…

Richard Jackson June 12, 2023

Healthcare organizations need a better way to measure ROI of health equity investments

Healthcare organizations’ investments in health equity can deliver a meaningful ROI, but identifying the financial benefits of such investments requires an expanded framework for analysis beyond criteria used in a standard ROI analysis.

Richard Jackson September 27, 2022

How healthcare organizations can take the lead in the nation’s quest to improve health equity

Improving health equity in the United States is a challenge that is beyond the ability of the healthcare to meet on its own. But many of the ways our healthcare system currently operates exacerbate health inequity — and that is a problem we can cure.

Richard Jackson August 16, 2022