Shelton Award

The Robert M. Shelton Award for Sustained Chapter Excellence

The Robert M. Shelton Award for Sustained Chapter Excellence is presented each year to the chapter judged as displaying exemplary service to members over a sustained period of the immediate past five years. The award, unveiled in 1979 in honor of Robert Shelton’s long-standing contributions to the Association, was presented for the first time in 1980. 


The purpose of this award is to recognize those chapters that demonstrate sustained excellence, over a five-year period, in the provision of services to members as established by HFMA’s strategic plan.


Eligibility criteria is being reviewed. This award will not be awarded until 2024, after criteria is updated.


There are no limits to the number of chapters that may win this award.


The Chair of the HFMA Board of Directors shall appoint a five-member committee of judges to determine award winners. This committee shall include at least three former HFMA Board Chairs and two members representing currently ineligible winners.

Award announcement

The winning chapter is announced and recognized at the Annual Conference in June.

Shelton award recipients

2019South Texas Chapter
2018Iowa Chapter
2017Arkansas Chapter
2016Rochester Regional Chapter
2015Nebraska Chapter
2014Oregon Chapter
2013Florida Chapter
Maryland Chapter
2012Colorado Chapter
2011New Jersey Chapter
2010Nebraska Chapter
2009Hudson Valley NY Chapter
2008Sunflower (Kansas) Chapter
2007North Carolina Chapter
2006Oklahoma Chapter
2005Tennessee Chapter
2004Iowa Chapter
2003Eastern Michigan Chapter
2002Maine Chapter
2001Appalachian Chapter of Central Pennsylvania
2000Georgia Chapter
Rochester Regional Chapter
1999Alabama Chapter
1998Mississippi Chapter
North Carolina Chapter
1997South Carolina Chapter
1996Southern Illinois Chapter
1995Georgia Chapter
1994Alabama Chapter
1993Northern California Chapter
1992Georgia Chapter
1991South Dakota Chapter
1990Eastern Michigan Chapter
1989Oregon Chapter
1988South Carolina Chapter
1987Georgia Chapter
1986South Dakota Chapter
1985Oregon Chapter
1984South Carolina Chapter
1983Tennessee Chapter
1982Eastern Michigan Chapter
1981Hawaii Chapter
1980Massachusetts Chapter


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