Historical Chairs’ Themes

Note: In the early years of the association, themes were selected for the Annual Conference only. In more recent years, the chair selects a theme for use during his or her tenure including application to the Annual Conference.

2024-25Sempre Avanti (Scher)
2023-24It’s Time (Dahlen)
2022-23Ignite the Spark (Crane)
2021-22Bolder, Brighter, Better (Jackson)
2020-21Your Challenge. Our Mission. (Allen*)
2019-20Dare You To Move (Allen)
2018-19Imagine Tomorrow (Brennan)
2017-18Where Passion Meets Purpose (Friesen)
2016-17Thrive (Mirabelli)
2015-16Go Beyond (Hancock)
2014-15Leading the Change (Cornicelli)
2013-14Whatever It Takes (Rose)
2011-12Believe to Achieve (Adams)
2010-11StepUp (Kuchka-Craig)
2009-10Making It Count (Jacobson)
2008-09Making Connections (Broadway)
2007-08Make a Difference (Briscoe)
2006-07Courage in Leadership (Fifer)
2005-06The Business of Caring (Rodriguez)
2004-05Beyond the Numbers (Zimowski)
2003-04HFMA: It’s Personal (Canfield)
2002-03Create the Future (Cowling)
2001-02Leading @ the Speed of Light (Long)
2000-01Imagine the Possibilities (Cape)
1999-00Leading with Integrity–The Bottom Line (Henley)
1998-99Community Chapters of Change (Mitchell)
1997-98From Opportunity to Action (Anspaugh)
1996-97Leading and Learning (Hern)
1995-96Pioneering Together (Nelson)
1994-95Gateway to the Future (McGuire)
1993-94Set the Course (Weinheimer)
1992-93Accept the Challenge (Phipps)
1991-92Invest in Quality (Judge)
1990-91Advancing the Standard (LeMoine)
1989-90New Decade New Choices (Hoyler)
1988-89Partnerships Sharing Resources Reaching Goals (Black)
1987-88Leadership Opportunities for Growth (Blair)
1986-87Challenge of Change (Hews)
1985-86Managing the Business of Health Care (Kohlman)
1984-85We Are HFMA (Long)
1983-84Face the Future (Pattillo)
1982-83Positive Action (Haussler)
1981-82Time to Act (Cisneros)
1980-8180s Ready or Not (Fuller)
1979-80Strive to Excel (Satterfield)
1978-79Meet the Challenge (Guenther)
1977-78Be a Pro/FM (McCue)
1976-77Render an Accounting of Stewardship (30th anniversary) (Legel)
1975-76Winning (Scott)
1974-75Team (Silver)
1973-74Intensify FM (Fernandez)
1972-73Managing Change (Kovener)
1971-72Keys to Tomorrow (25th anniversary) (Lopik)
1970-71Internal Cost Containment (Anderson)
1969-70Focus on Planning (Bertrand)
1968-69Focus on Management (Steinert)
1967-68A New Look (Clancy)
1966-67Changes and Challenges (Hinderer)
1965-66Budgeting (Schultz)
1964-65Management Controls Through Responsibility Accounting (Assunta)
1963-64Achievement Through Knowledge (Losberg)
1962-63Opportunity Unlimited (Humbert)
1961-62Using Management Accounting to Meet Management Problems
1960-61Financial Management Controls (Marie)
1959-60The Forward Look in Hospital Accounting (Everett)
1958-59Furthering Professional Growth in Hospital Accounting (Shelton)
1957-58Broadening the Horizons of Hospital Accounting (Hottum)
1956-57Increasing the Use of Hospital Accounting for Administration
1955-56The Hospital Accountant and Better Patient Care (Reeves)
1954-55Achieving the Objectives of Hospital Accounting (Gerald)
1953-54Improving Financial Management Through Better Accounting
1952-53Better Administration Through Better Accounting (Stagl)
1950-51George H. Long, Jr.
1949Charles F. Mehler
1945-48Frederick T. Muncie


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